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Signs That Termites Are Visiting Your West Chester PA Home

July 15, 2016

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It's summer in West Chester PA, and this is when termites are most active. It may seem strange to think that a cold-blooded creature like the termite would be a problem here in West Chester. Winter temperatures in Pennsylvania should be too much for these insects to take. Don't cold-blooded creatures have an inability to control their body temperatures, like warm-blooded creatures do? Don't cold-blooded creatures die off when temperatures drop? We don't have to worry about alligators in PA, right? Why should we be worried about termites when summer rolls around? The difference between the alligators and the termites is those alligators don't establish their nests in the ground, below the frost line. Termites do. More specifically, subterranean termites do. Here are some signs you need to look for if you don't already have a professional termite protection plan for your home.

Signs of Subterranean Termites

  • The most notable sign of termites are the mud tubes they build. These can be found in many places: on exterior cellar walls, in crawl spaces under your home, and on interior walls. Mud tubes are made from the soil around your home, so they will have a similar color. Sometimes they can look a little grey and be mistaken for cement. Sometimes they can be random and just look like dirt buildup. Learn to recognize termite mud tubes when you see them. It could save your home.

  • When you see termite swarmers, even on the outside of your home, it is a sign that you have a termite infestation because termite swarmers do not fly very far from the nest that produced them. What’s worse, it is a sign that your home has been eaten by termites for years. Termite swarmers are produced by a mature nest. Their goal is to go out and produce another nest. This type of termite isn't produced until a nest has matured. Since it can take over three years for a subterranean termite nest to mature--depending on the species--it is safe to assume that your home has years of damage.

  • If you suspect that you have termites in a wall of your home, you may be able to hear them. Put your ear to the wall and listen for clicking noises. Termite workers tap their heads on their tunnel walls to communicate with each others.

  • A sign you do not want to see is when doors and windows get stuck, walls begin to bulge, and floors start to sag.

Subterranean termites are a problem in West Chester, PA; but when you have industry-leading termite protection from Moyer, your property will be safe from those wood-eating pests. Don't wait until you're seeing signs of termites. Get your termite protection plan in place "before" termites try to attack your home, with Moyer Pest Control.

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