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odorous house ant



Are Odorous House Ants A Threat To PA Homes?

You may have never even heard of an odorous house ant, but you have likely seen or smelled them and just not realized it – after all, there are many species of ants and a lot of them look very similar.

family checking into hotel



Summer Bed Bug Prevention for Pennsylvania Residents

During the height of bed bug season, it’s important to focus on the active prevention of these pests to avoid being invaded. There are many warning signs of a bed bug infestation and learning what they are is key to early detection and prevention.

bed bug up close in pennsylvania



Where To Find Bed Bugs In West Chester

Do you think you may have bed bugs, but you can't actually find them? It happens. Sometimes bed bugs aren't in your bed. You can rip the covers and the sheets off, inspect every inch of your mattress and box spring, and find yourself scratching your head (and all those bites) wondering where the bed bugs are. Here are a few things to consider.

carpenter ant on water damaged wood



Closer Look At Carpenter Ant Damage In West Chester

Carpenter ants are a species of wood-destroying ant, that, if not eliminated quickly, have the potential to cause significant structural damages inside West Chester, Pennsylvania homes and buildings. Identifying a carpenter ant infestation can be tricky, especially since carpenter ant damages are often confused with the damages of another species of wood-destroying insect - the termite. 

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