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wasp on a plant



What You Can Do to Stop Wasps in New Castle

Warmer days mean more time enjoying the great outdoors. Whether you enjoy going off on adventures or simply love spending the day in your own backyard, there’s something rejuvenating about fresh air and sunshine. Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones who think so.

cockroach on a piece of bread



How to Roach-Proof Your New Castle County Home for the Summer

No one likes the idea of a cockroach infestation. These big bugs are loathed by most and feared by many---for good reasons too. Cockroaches are dangerous pests that can transmit a laundry list of illnesses to the people whose homes they infest.

a large mosquito resting on a moist place that it made home in a westchester yard



Why Westchester Residents Trust Moyer for Mosquito Removal

No one goes out and buys a pet mosquito. In fact, even the thought of it is quite ridiculous. No, mosquitoes are more of a creature to avoid than one you want cuddling up at your feet at night. However, whether we like it or not, as the weather warms up, mosquitoes will be back and will be just as annoying as ever.

a cluster of bed bugs infesting the white cotton linens of a westchester residence



Don’t Let Bed Bugs in Westchester Ruin Your Spring  

What most Westchester residents don’t understand is that the end of summer vacation can sometimes mean the start of stressful pests and, more specifically, bed bugs. How are these two polar opposite things connected, you may ask? Here's how.

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