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a cluster of bed bugs crawling on a bed

The Dangers Of Bed Bugs In Your West Chester Home

April 16, 2021

Bed bugs are parasitic hitchhikers that can happen to anyone, not just those with dirty homes. They often make their way into homes and businesses by catching a ride on a person’s belongings. These apple seed-sized critters are flat and oval-shaped. They are brown but will appear red after a blood meal. ...

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termite infestation in a home wall

What Termite Season Means For Souderton Property Owners

April 9, 2021

Unlike most pests, the colonialist woodcutters known as termites don’t go to sleep or stop working during harsh winter months. Though they are active all year round, termites become noticeably active in late April and early May. This period is known as the start of the termite season....

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