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subterranean termites in damaged wood



Keys to Protecting Your Home from Termites

Here at Moyer Pest Control, we often get calls from customers because they are finding signs of pests in their home. Typically, they describe that there is a line of ants traveling through the kitchen, there is a wall of spider webs in the basement, or there is the pitter-patter of mice feet in the attic. While prevention is always best, pests usually show early signs of their existence and can…

mosquito biting skin



Mosquitoes in West Chester: More than Just a Nuisance?

When spring and summer first arrive, mosquitoes haven’t been on our radar. Unless they begin buzzing in our ears and feeding on our blood, we tend to forget about them. Mosquitoes are a pesky nuisance when the temperature rises, but mosquitoes in West Chester are more than a summer nuisance. You should be concerned about mosquitoes all of the time.

tick on blade of grass



Are Ticks Dangerous?

You hear a lot of hype on the news about certain things going on in today’s world. ‘Enough of it’ - that sometimes is our first reaction. We typically want to dismiss it all and move on with the rest of our day. The truth is, though, when it comes to the high volume of ticks this year and the dangers associated with them, everything that you are hearing is probably true. Thanks…

bed bug up close



What Not To Do If You Find Bed Bugs

Finding bed bugs in your home is scary. You may be tempted to throw away your bed or burn your sheets to get rid of them, but these are not effective methods of bed bug elimination. In fact, there are several DIY methods for treating bed bugs that are not worth your time. Let’s separate fact from fiction in these popular choices…

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