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mouse found in kitchen



Should I Be Concerned About A Single Mouse?

Surely, it’s just one small mouse, how bad can it be? That single mouse isn’t as intimidating as hundreds of carpenter ants marching around your home or a pile of stink bugs clinging to your window screen. Well, unfortunately, a single mouse can be just as bad or worse than either.

house spider



Top Five Things that Attract Spiders to Your Home

Spiders come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In fact, inside of the United States, you will find around 3000 different species of spiders. Here in Pennsylvania, one of the more common spiders is the Wolf spider, which rather than spinning webs hunts and attacks its prey with its superior agility and speed. Another common spider you may find in your house, unsurprisingly, is the house spider…

bed bug crawling on bed



When Bed Bug Prevention Fails

Bed bug infestation is on the rise all around the country. The economy is better than it has been in a decade, and believe or not, there is a correlation with the high level of bed bug infestations. Whenever the economy is good, more jobs are created, and many of these jobs involve travel, in the form of daily commutes or business trips. Also, when people have jobs, they’re earning money. As…

flea up close



Why Do I Have Fleas In My Home

Most everyone has had to deal with fleas at one time or another in their lifetime. But have you ever stopped to wonder about how they get into our homes in the first place? The obvious answer to that is that pets bring them in, but not everyone has pets, which means there must be other ways.

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