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bed bug found in west chester home



Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs On Thanksgiving

Will you be having people over to your West Chester home this Thanksgiving? We hope that you're aware that it doesn't matter if they come for the day or spend the night, they could introduce bed bugs to your home.

stink bug near a telford home



Winter Pest Outlook 2017

Every season comes with different types of weather and along with those seasonal changes come unique pest pressures. It is so nice to know that with summer's end will also come the end of annoying pests like the relentless mosquito, along with the potential health problems that they can cause. So, what new and annoying pests will we be looking forward to experiencing this fall and winter?…

indian meal moth in grain



Turkey, Stuffing, Cookies, And Pantry Pests

Can you believe that the holidays are almost upon us? Thanksgiving is just days away! How is that possible? Has it really been a whole year since your family gathered with thankful hearts to enjoy the turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie thoroughly enjoying those precious few moments with family and friends? Wow, time truly does fly! But, nonetheless, it is again time to prepare for that great feast…

mouse trying to find entrance into brick home



How Are These Mice Getting Into My Home?

Mice can be very smart, as they will instinctively start making their way inside homes each fall so that they can comfortably overwinter there. They know that inside your home they will find the warmth they need as well as access to food and water. Your home is the perfect place for them as it provides shelter from the impending weather and a great place to reproduce and raise their young.

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