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mouse hiding in wall



The Sneaky Ways Mice Enter Our Homes

Mice can be adorable looking at times, maybe on television or in the pet store, and seem harmless enough. In reality, mice really cause many problems ranging from stress from the sight of them to the damage they can do in your home to the dangerous health concerns they can cause.

restaurant in pennsylvania



Negative Impact Cockroaches Have On Restaurants

It doesn’t take long for a few single cockroach sightings to destroy the good reputation of a local restaurant. Word can spread quickly since the internet has made it so easy for people to voice their opinions and criticisms. That one sighting can spread like wildfire and damage a restaurant's bottom line and good standing in a neighborhood.

wolf spider in sink



Fall Spider Prevention Tips

Now that fall has arrived, spiders in your home have too. While dangerous spiders such as the black widow and brown recluse are not very common in Pennsylvania, who really wants to live in a home full of any type of spider? The two most common spiders in Pennsylvania are the wolf spider and the house spider.

mouse found in commercial sink



Negative Impact Rats Have On Businesses

Social media has done more than give us a way to stay in touch with one another and keep up with what everyone is doing or eating for breakfast. It's also changed the way we choose service providers for home improvements, buy items at the store, or choose a restaurant for our night out. We're checking social media for recommendations and comparing reviews before we make decisions and in a click of…

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