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customers enjoying a movie at the theater



Bed Bugs Found In Movie Theaters

Bed bugs in movie theaters? Is anything sacred? Apparently not, when it comes to these frustrating bugs. Let's take a look at why movie theaters are becoming the new chomping ground for these blood-eating pests.

bites from bed bugs



Avoiding Bed Bug Bites This Spring

Now that spring is here there are a lot of things going on for most of us. Kids are getting ready to come home from college, summer vacations are being planned, and a weekend getaway is always popular this time of year, as well. Even in our own neighborhoods, more people seem to be getting out and about, whether it’s just going for walks in the park or shopping for a new summer wardrobe…

termite mud tube on wall



Protecting Your Home During The Termite Season

If you're not aware, we have just entered termite season here in Pennsylvania. Why is this termite season? Because this is the time of the year when termites are most likely to send out winged reproductives for the purpose of establishing new nests. It is also the time of year when homeowners should be more vigilant about protecting their investment from being the target of a termite infestation.…

mosquito biting skin



Tips To Avoid Mosquitoes This Spring

Here we go again. It happens every year, like clockwork. In fact, it happens so faithfully, we have given it its own season. Mosquito season. And, this season those mosquitoes are going to be even worse, thanks to the mild winter we had. But, that isn't the worst part. The worldwide spread of the Zika virus has finally reached our shores. Last year, we saw two localized outbreaks of the Zika…

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