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a brown and black legged cricket crawling along the patio steps outside of a west chester home



Do The Crickets In West Chester Do More Than Chirp?

Most crickets are nocturnal and only come out in the evening and at night. Depending on the species and maturity, crickets may be anywhere from 0.12 to 2 inches long. These insects are often light brown, dark brown, or black and have flattened-looking bodies and long, thin antenna. Crickets are well-known for the distinctive chirping sound they make at night.

a professional pest control technitian smiling as she is staring next to a moyer pest control service truck offering general pest control services in the souderton pennsylvania area



The Souderton Pest Professionals You Can Count On

Your local pest control company is more than the phone call you make when you have annoying critters disrupting your happy home life. They are the professionals you can count on to be your partners in keeping your home and family safe and protected. At Moyer Pest Control, we have been servicing the Delaware Valley area for over 150 years, and are committed to protecting the families and businesses…

a large cluster of box elder bugs infesting a new castle pennsylvania home during the late summer season



Preventing Late Summer Nuisance Pests In New Castle

When you focus on the damage termites create, the diseases cockroaches spread, and the painful stings wasps leave behind, certain nuisance pests can slip under your radar and infest your home. Pests such as centipedes, clover mites, silverfish, boxelder bugs, and crickets can become incredibly bothersome in late summer and into early fall, especially if you’ve made mistakes this season that…

a nasty full grown centipede scurrying across a souderton kitchen floor



Tips For Preventing House Centipedes From Invading Homes

Have you ever entered your bathroom to take a shower or check your hair in the mirror, only to spot a flat, worm-like creature with multiple legs crawling across the bathroom floor? If you have, you know how frightening it can be to find one of these outlandish-looking creatures on your property. Other than being frightening, these pests are capable of creating many frustrations and disturbances…

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