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house centipede in souderton home

Why House Centipedes Just Love Our Souderton Bathrooms 

Advice From Moyer Indoor | Outdoor

Are you finding bugs in your bathroom? Big, ugly bugs with 15 pairs of legs that stick out from their sides like pointed spikes. Have you seen them stuck to a high corner or clinging to the wall near the floor? Have you found one in one of the sockets of your jetted tub or tucked into the grout of your shower? They're called centipedes. But you probably already know that. What you may not know is why they love your bathroom so much. The answer can give you some valuable insight about your home and its ability to keep pests out.
Souderton centipedes are house centipedes, known scientifically as Scutigera coleoptrata, but they are more accurately called bathroom centipedes or cellar centipedes. While you can find one of these bugs crawling on a wall in your living room or making its way across the rug in your bedroom, house centipedes are much happier in rooms that are high in humidity.

Bathrooms Attract Centipedes

The bathroom tends to be one of the most humid room in a house. This is because the moisture left when taking a shower or a bath puts moisture droplets on mirrors and walls. This humidity can be reduced through the use of an exhaust fan, which most bathrooms have. Turning that fan on after a hot shower or a relaxing time in the jetted tub, can make a big difference in the level of humidity in your bathroom. If you like to keep the hot water in your tub to conserve on water and get a second, or even a third soak in your tub by adding a little more hot water later, that large water source inside your home will make your bathroom a paradise for centipedes and your fan isn't going to be enough to fix the problem. Fortunately, it doesn't have to. A residential pest control program can give your exterior the protection it needs to prevent centipedes from getting in and finding out how nice your bathroom is. They also won't be able to find out how nice your basement, laundry room or kitchen are. These are other areas that tend to be high in humidity.

What Centipedes Tell You About Your Home

  • You may have a moisture problem: Centipedes are not wood-destroying insects. They don't chew their way into your Souderton home. They need to find an entry point. Since they are drawn to moisture, they often find entry into homes by way of holes created by pests that chew on rotting wood. If your gutter system is broken or clogged, you may have wood rot due to moisture damage. This wood rot could be attracting wood-destroying pests and those pests could be creating holes for centipedes, spiders, silverfish and many other pests to get into your home.
  • You may have gaps that need to be addressed: If you don't have any saturated areas around your home, centipedes could just be getting in through gaps around pipes, wire conduit, window-mounted air conditioning units, etc.
  • You may have cracks: As homes age, foundation cracks can occur. If you have large enough cracks, they could let centipede in.
  • You may have an open door or window: It is amazing how many vulnerabilities a door or window can have. Centipedes can get past gaps in weatherstripping, damaged door sweeps, holes in frames, damaged screens, damaged glass and damage seals around the frames.

As you can see, there are many ways centipedes can get into your Souderton home. Sealing things up and following some basic prevention tips, can help to keep centipedes out of your home.

The Best Solutions For Centipedes

A centipede infestation is evidence of potential issues with your home. At Moyer Indoor | Outdoor, we provide a wide range of services that can help you repair your home. Once that is done, we can give you the ongoing residential pest control you need to keep pests from finding any of the tiny holes that may be left. Together, home maintenance and quality pest control from Moyer can make your home pest-free. While centipedes are fairly harmless, there are many other pests that aren't. Get protected by reaching out to us today. We're here to help.

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