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What You Should Know If You Are Seeing A Lot Of Spiders Inside Your Souderton Home

Spiders In Souderton

Are you seeing more spiders, or more spider webs inside your Souderton home? It isn't surprising. It's October in Souderton. This is the time of year when spiders start to appear indoors. Some of them could have just gotten into your home for the first time. Some have already been in your home for a while. Here are a few possibilities for why you're seeing more spider activity.

You May Have Fall Pests

When temperatures drop, insects and soft-bodied arthropods get into homes. Spiders feed on these. So it only makes sense that spiders follow them into homes. Spiders don't need to get in out of the cold because they have a natural antifreeze that protects them from freezing to death.  But the creatures they eat don't have this protection. An increase in spider activity could mean that fall pests got into your home and spiders followed them inside.

house spider on ceiling

You May Have Spiders That Mate This Time Of Year

When spiders go looking for a mate, they can start appearing in your common areas. This is often why Souderton residents start noticing spiders in October. If this is the reason you're seeing spiders in your home, it is a good idea to have those spiders eliminated before they mate and multiply.

The Spiders In Your Home May Have Outgrown Their Habitat  

Spiders can become more noticeable when they grow their populations beyond the availability of food resources in hidden places. Most spiders prefer to hunt for food in the secluded locations within a home. If they're coming out in the open, it could be due to the size of the spider population. Overpopulation drives spiders to compete for food. This can make them more visible in common areas.

You May Have Neglected To Deal With Spider Webs

Some spiders spin a silk eggs sac in their web. These sacs can have hundreds of spider eggs inside. If you have not been keeping up with these webs, your spider issues could be due to hundreds of eggs hatching in your home, and hundreds of new spiderling emerging. While many of these newly hatch spiders don't survive, those that do can start to be a noticeable problem.

You May Have A Moisture Problem

Many of the bugs that spiders eat are moisture pests. If your home is being damaged by moisture, pests could be chewing holes in the wood of your home, or coming in through areas that have been damaged by wood-decaying fungus. Spiders can come in through areas that are being damaged by moisture or moisture pests.

You Have Entry Points

More spiders inside your home could be an indication that your exterior has holes. While holes created by wood-destroying pests could be your issue, there are many other entry points spiders can use. You could have damaged weatherstripping around an exterior door. You could have a damaged door sweep or doorstop. You could have a damaged seal around a door or window frame. There are many ways spiders can get into your home. Take a few minutes to do a detailed inspection of your exterior, and seal any entry points you find. Pay close attention to doors, windows, pipes, wire conduits, vents, and seals around exterior wall penetrations.

The Key To Spider Control

Getting control of spiders is far easier when you understand why they're in your home. There are two primary factors that lead to the growth of spider populations: Food sources and humidity. If you reduce pest populations in your home, and decrease the level of humidity, you can have success reducing the spider population in your home to a level that is acceptable to you.

Spider And Pest Control

The best way to get control of spiders is to get control of their food. Fewer bugs in your home will result in fewer spiders. If you live in Souderton, let the experts here at Moyer Pest Control help you get control of bugs, and the spiders that love to eat them. Reach out to us for immediate service. We're here to help you with all your pest control needs.

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