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Upper Macungie is one of the fastest-growing townships in Pennsylvania, mainly because of its great location, excellent schools, and access to amazing parks and other recreational venues. And when pests like mice, ticks, and termites threaten to harm our buildings or spread illnesses to our residents, thousands know just where to turn: Moyer Pest Control.

Our team of highly trained professionals has the tools, technologies, and experience to quickly and accurately identify and eliminate pest pressures. We have been successfully treating pests here in Upper Macungie and throughout Pennsylvania for well over 14 decades, and we can successfully treat yours too.

To learn more about our industry-leading, year-round residential and commercial pest control plans or any of our other affordable solutions to your pest pressures, simply contact us today. 


Residential Pest Control In Upper Macungie, PA

When you keep pests from accessing your home, you go a very long way in avoiding the illnesses they can carry, along with eliminating the risk of them damaging the structure of your home and destroying personal belongings. If you live here in Upper Macungie, the most effective way to keep pests out of your home is by implementing a year-round residential pest control plan from Moyer Pest Control.

Our HomeGuard pest control plans are effective at controlling local pest populations in and around your home, and HomeGuard comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Which HomeGuard plan is right for your Upper Macungie home? Check out the overview below or give us a call today. 

  • Exterior Home Guard  Utilizes bi-monthly exterior services to treat the most common pests to invade homes here in Upper Macungie. Interior treatment of covered pests as needed. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will return to retreat between scheduled service calls if covered pests return. Targeted pests include ants, centipedes, clover mites, crickets, earwigs, pill/sowbugs, spiders, and wasp and yellow jacket nests. 

  • Platinum Home Guard  Utilizes 6 planned visits scheduled on a bi-monthly basis which will target the specific pests that are active during each season. Five of the visits will focus on the exterior of your home with interior service as needed, and 1 visit will be scheduled to include both. Three of the visits will include inspection of termite monitors, mosquito and tick applications will be done in season, vole monitoring services will be done at each visit with treatment as needed, and spider webs & eggs will be removed at every visit. This service includes specific treatment for termites, mosquitoes, and stink bugs. 

  • Complete Home Guard – Utilizes four visits per year, one each quarter. Three visits will focus on the exterior of your home, and one will treat the interior. If covered pests return between visits, so will we at no additional charge to you. We will schedule all of your visits for a time that is convenient to you. Your treatments will be tailored to meet your needs, and we will utilize integrated pest management protocols. Covered pests include ants, centipedes, clover mites, crickets, earwigs, ground beetles, millipedes, pill/sow bugs, spiders, wasp and yellow jacket nests, cockroaches, fleas, food-infesting insects, mice, rats, and silverfish. 

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Tips To Keep Stink Bugs Out Of Your Upper Macungie, PA Home

Stink bugs are, well, stinky, and when they invade your home in the fall, they become public enemy number one! They infiltrate in very high numbers and anytime you squish them or accidentally step on them, they will emit a disgusting odor, and while they do not pose a health risk and aren't known to damage the structure of your home, they certainly aren't a pest you want spending the winter with you.

While stink bugs are difficult to prevent on your own, there are a few things that you can do to help keep stink bugs out of your Upper Macungie home, including: 

  • Inspect your foundation and fill any holes, cracks, or gaps

  • Fill in gaps around windows and doors and repair broken or loose-fitting screens

  • Install door sweeps underneath all exterior doors

  • Repair loose or broken shingles and siding

  • Install chimney caps

  • Install screen on all open vents

  • Fill in gaps around utility entrances

  • Implement year-round residential pest control services from Moyer Pest Control

Even when you have done your very best to keep stink bugs out, they can still find their way inside. With our HomeGuard services, stink bugs will meet an impenetrable barrier of protection that will keep your home safe and keep these pests out in the wild where they belong. To learn more about HomeGuard or any of our other industry-leading pest control services, including stink bug control, contact us today. 


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Commercial Pest Control Services In Upper Macungie, PA

When pests invade your Upper Macungie commercial property, they can damage sensitive equipment, contaminate or damage products, and spread illnesses to your employees and patrons, all costing you money and damaging your reputation.

To keep pests from infiltrating your commercial facility, you need reliable services that work, and you need them fast! Moyer Pest Control has been protecting commercial properties here in Upper Macungie and throughout Pennsylvania since 1869. We have the experience, the tools, and the technologies to treat pests while meeting your industry-specific regulations. Give us a call to learn just how affordable year-round commercial pest protection in Upper Macungie, PA can be. 


Learn How to Avoid Bed Bugs In Upper Macungie, PA

Bed bugs have been resurging all across the country in recent decades, and they can be found in any city or town in Pennsylvania, even here in Upper Macungie. If you want to keep bed bugs from finding their way into your Upper Macungie home or business, then it is important to learn how to avoid them when you are out in public.

The first step is to understand that bed bugs are not just found in beds. These bugs can be found in any place that people frequent such as taxi cabs, trains, planes, boats, buses, and personal vehicles. They also infest libraries, hospitals, dorms, schools, malls, hotels, residences, and commercial properties.

The second step is to understand how bed bugs travel. They do not jump, hop, run, and they do not fly. They simply climb onto your pant leg or into your bag or backpack and ride along with you. They may even lay eggs inside your luggage, purse, or computer bag, and those eggs do not need their mother to hatch and thrive.

Either way you look at it, you will be dealing with a bed bug infestation. Looking for these bugs and the signs they leave every time you leave your home is the best way to avoid bringing bed bugs home with you. Adult bed bugs resemble apple seeds with legs. You may find these bugs or the skin casings they shed as they grow.

You should also inspect seats, furniture, and baggage for tiny red blood spots or brown fecal spots. If you notice any of these signs while you are out and about, beware and inform someone of your discovery immediately. And if you find these signs in your home or you wake up with unexplained bites that resemble mosquito bites, contact the pest professionals here at Moyer Pest Control at once.

Our bed bug specialists serving Upper Macungie, PA can quickly identify a bed bug infestation, no matter how big or how small. We offer fast, accurate K-9 inspection services, conventional treatments, and environmentally responsible heat treatments to eliminate bed bugs from your Upper Macungie home or business. Bed bug infestations can be stressful, but fast, effective, discreet services are only a call away.


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