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The Trick To Keeping Odorous House Ants Away From Your Souderton Home

What Are Odorous House Ants?

Are you familiar with odorous house ants? They're the tiny black or brown ants that smell like rotten coconut when you crush them. You might see these ants when you move things around in your yard or when you dig up some soil. You can also bring them to the surface of the ground by stomping your feet. If you do, you could see thousands of them appear. These ants swarm in defense of their nests.

It is easy to tell you're looking at odorous house ants because they have quick erratic movements. You might also notice that they raise their abdomens in the air. But this can be difficult to see as these ants are between 1/16 and 1/8 of an inch long. Odorous house ants are attracted to certain conditions. If you get control of these conditions, you can have success in keeping these ants out of your Souderton home. Here's what you need to know:

odorous house ants in a row

Odorous House Ants Have A Sweet Tooth

One of the most significant food sources for odorous house ants is honeydew. While far from the only thing these ants will eat, it is a highly sought-after source of sustenance. If you have aphids or other honeydew-producing insects attacking your landscape vegetation, these ants could move in to feed on the sweet honeydew they produce. Get control of aphids to help make your home resistant to odorous house ants by following these steps:

  • When planting new vegetation in your landscaping, isolate the plants for one to two weeks.

  • Blow leaves out of your landscaping and remove organic debris that can create a moist habitat for aphids to develop.

  • Manage plant and topsoil moisture to promote strong, healthy plants, which are less attractive to aphids.

Moisture Plays A Big Role

If you have damp landscaping, it won't just attract aphids. It will also directly attract odorous house ants. These ants are considered to be moisture pests, establishing themselves in areas that are damp and in areas of high humidity inside homes. When you control moisture inside and outside of your home, you have a better chance of preventing an odorous house ant infestation.

Moyer's Top Moisture Control Tips

  • Have your gutters cleaned regularly. A clogged or broken gutter system can promote oversaturation in landscaping.

  • Trim plants, bushes, shrubs, and other vegetation to provide a space between them. This lets the breeze flow through to dry your plants and topsoil when you're finished watering.

  • Repair hoses, sprinklers, or outdoor spigots. Any leaks can cause the ground to be moist, and that moisture can allow rainwater to sit longer after it rains.

  • Remove organic debris. Not only does this get rid of aphid breeding sites, it reduces the overall humidity and moisture levels in your landscaping.

Keep in mind that you only need moisture in the ground beneath your plants as they suck the water up into their roots. You don't have to have damp plants or damp topsoil. These are actually counterproductive. And all of the moisture is going to make your landscaping more inviting to aphids, odorous house ants, and a long list of other potential household pests.

Trash And Recycling Bins Attract Ants

There are many food sources an odorous house ant can find in your trash receptacle or recycling bin, but there doesn't even have to be a food source to attract these ants. All there needs to be is the promise of food. This promise comes in the form of an odor. As workers explore, they can smell your trash and recycling containers. To reduce this attractant, keep these receptacles clean.

Ants Can Exploit Tiny Gaps

It doesn't take much of a gap to let a 1/16 of an inch long ant into your home, so it may seem like a useless effort to try and seal your exterior, but it can actually make a big difference. There are a few key locations where odorous house ants and other pests get in including gaps around windows and doors and foundations.

  • Make sure your weatherstripping on your doors has a good seal.

  • Make sure your door sweeps are sealed and undamaged.

  • Seal cracks in your foundation and gaps around pipes.

What To Do When Ants Get In Your Souderton Home

If you see these ants in your home, especially in large numbers, contact Moyer Pest Control. Our licensed pest professionals use products to target ant colonies and eliminate them. We are here to assist you with all your pest control needs!

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