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Souderton's Complete Wolf Spider Control Guide

Here is a riddle for you. What is hairy, has eight legs, and makes you say, "Oh no, I don't think so!" You can probably guess by the title of this article that the answer is a wolf spider. When you walk into a room and find one of these hairy animals sitting on the floor, you'll waste little time finding a container to catch it and remove it. If this is the extent of your wolf spider control, it is likely that you're going to have more unwanted visits. But, you don't have to be visited by wolf spiders. We've put together this quick wolf spider control guide for Souderton residents. Here's how it works.

Step 1: Consider Wolf Spider Food Sources

Do you know that wolf spiders come into your yard in search of food? If so, you're on your way to understanding what is required to get control of these spiders. When you reduce the food, you make your yard less interesting to these spiders. What do wolf spiders eat? They dine on insects, invertebrates, and small vertebrates, such as salamanders. All of these critters can be attracted to your home by conditions you can correct.

  • If you have piles of leaves next to your home or underneath structures, it is a good idea to blow them out and away from your exterior. They are a perfect harborage for wolf spiders and the food wolf spiders eat.

  • If you have dense vegetation, you'll find lots of living creatures underneath. Trim bushes and shrubs. Remove unnecessary plants. Address unwanted grass and weeds. All of this will work to reduce wolf spider food sources.

  • If you have exterior white lights, they can attract insects. Keep lights off at night where it isn't a security concern, or consider replacing all of your exterior white lights with yellow lights. Yellow light is far less attractive to insects.

  • If you have a moist perimeter, you will have lots of living creatures. Repair gutter breaks. Clean your gutters out. Consider installing gutter guards. Repair plumbing leaks. Your goal should be to have a perimeter that dries quickly after it rains. And, as you know, we get a lot of downpours here in Souderton.

  • If you have stacked firewood next to your home, consider moving it away from your exterior. A long list of critters like to get in and under stacked wood, including wolf spiders.

  • If you collect branches from your yard and stack them next to the house, you're asking for trouble. Be sure to put brush piles at least 20 feet from your exterior.

Step 2: Consider Entry Points

When wolf spiders explore your exterior, there are many potential entry points they might use. Here are a few of the most common.

Rotting Wood — When moisture dampens the wood of your home and spores attach to moist wood surfaces, it can lead to wood rot. This can create holes that are large enough for a spider to enter into your property.

Wood-Damaging Pests — When wood begins to rot, there are many pests that can make rotted wood holes larger. This can increase the likelihood of wolf spiders finding a way inside.

Foundation Gaps — There are many objects that can pass through your foundation walls. We call these foundation penetrations. If you have a gap around a foundation penetration, such as a water main or electrical wire conduit, wolf spiders can squeeze through.

Door Sweeps — When door sweeps are old and damaged, they can begin to allow pests into your home. Make sure all your sweeps are in good working order.

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Step 3: Get A Professional If Needed

No two homes are exactly the same. Some Souderton homes have more pest vulnerabilities than others. If you need assistance, remember that the team at Moyer Pest Control is available to guide you in finding the right solutions for your specific situation. We apply pest maintenance, seal entry points, and administer appropriate pest control products to reduce the food sources that attract pests to your home. This multi-pronged, eco-friendly pest control approach will give you long-lasting results with only a limited use of synthetic pest control products.

Ongoing Pest Control In Souderton

There is no better way to reduce pests around your home and keep pests out of your home than to invest in a residential pest control program. We can help you find the right solution to keep wolf spiders (and other pests) out of your home all year long. Reach out to Moyer Pest Control today and schedule a home pest control evaluation to learn about the pest pressures in your yard. We'll put in place a plan to make your exterior less attractive to pests and seal your exterior to keep pests out. 


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