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Problems Wolf Spiders Bring To Souderton Homes

Wolf Spiders In Souderton

What's not to like about having big, hairy hunter-spiders with great eyesight crawling around inside your Souderton home? Everything! Today, we're going to talk about wolf spiders and some of the problems they can bring into Souderton homes. If you don't live in Souderton, there are still many insights you'll be able to glean, so hang with us.

There are around 2,300 species of wolf spider in the world. Of those 2,300 species, it is estimated that 200 can be found in the United States. In Pennsylvania, we have two wolf spider species that present the majority of pest issues. They are Hogna Carolinensis and Hogna Aspersa. So that narrows things down quite a bit. But, wolf spiders have many of the same behaviors and characteristics. If you're not dealing with one of these two spiders in your Souderton home, you can still benefit from this article.

a wolf spider crawling on the floor of a home in souderton

Tips For Prevention

The main problem a wolf spider will cause when it comes into your home is that it can surprise you and scare you out of your wits. A fear of spiders can present more issues than a spider bite when it comes to wolf spider infestations. Fear can cause you to lose sleep. Extended loss of sleep can lead to many serious issues that are far worse than what this spider can do. You should know that, while a wolf spider can bite and the bite may be painful, this spider doesn't have any interest in biting you. You are far too large for it to consider prey. If you take a few precautionary steps, you can significantly reduce your chances of getting into a situation where you might scare this spider into biting you. Most of them have to do with keeping in mind wolf spiders might hide.

Wolf Spider Habitats

Bites from wolf spiders usually happen when a wolf spider gets trapped between the skin of a human and something else such as clothing, bedding, furniture, etc. These encounters occur because wolf spiders hide in holes, cracks, and gaps. If one of these spiders happens upon an unmade bed, it might think those dark recesses under the covers are a great place to live. That could have you sliding into bed and cozying up with a startled spider.

If a wolf spider stumbles upon clothing on the floor, it may see a hole that looks inviting. When it climbs into that hole, you may get a surprise when you pick a piece of clothing up or put a piece of clothing on. Hampers are an important location to be cautious around if you've seen wolf spiders in your home. It isn't that wolf spiders enjoy your dirty laundry, it is all about those holes that form between articles of clothing.

If a wolf spider gets into your storage areas, it may find a box suitable for habitation. Cardboard is made of paper, and paper is made from trees. This makes holes, gaps, or openings more inviting because they feel like the opening in a log or a hole in the roots beneath a tree. When you retrieve boxes from your attic or storage areas, be cautious when opening them and searching through your items.

Caution should be taken outside your home as well. If you have to go under your porch, patio, or stairs, use a flashlight to check things out before getting in there. If you have a crawl space under your home and you need to go in there, be aware that your crawlspace can harbor many bugs and wildlife, not just wolf spiders.

Professional Spider Control Services In Souderton

A residential pest control program can help you control wolf spiders, other spiders, and pests that are much more dangerous than spiders, such as cockroaches, ticks, and mosquitoes. Controlling scary wolf spiders is just a side benefit.

If you live in Souderton, or our extensive Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware service area, let the service professional at Moyer Pest Control help you manage those pests. Get started fast by selecting Exterior Guard, Complete Home Guard, or Complete Home Guard PLUS to target the pests you're most concerned about. All of these programs give coverage for spiders. And all of these programs are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. No one knows Pennsylvania pests like the pest experts at Moyer.

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