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Pest Control For Perkasie, PA

Located in beautiful Bucks County, surrounded by lush farmlands, is the close-knit community of Perkasie. This family-friendly area of Bucks County is the perfect place to live, play, work, and raise a family. To protect your Perkasie property from the many insects and other pests that also call Bucks County home, turn to the local pest control experts found at Moyer Pest Control. Since 1869 we have been committed to local communities and families and businesses in Pennsylvania, protecting them from dangerous and damaging pests. Contact Moyer Pest Control today to learn more about our pest control programs and how we can work together to protect your family and Perkasie property from pests!


Residential Pest Control In Perkasie, PA

Putting into place a year-round residential pest control program from the Perkasie, PA pest control experts at Moyer Pest Control is the best way to protect your home, family, food, and personal property from hungry, thirsty, shelter-seeking pests. At Moyer each of our guaranteed residential pest control programs can be tailored to meet the exact needs of your home and budget, providing you with the exact services needed to maintain a pest-free household. Here is a quick overview of our residential pest control programs:

  • Exterior Home Guard: This program includes 4 services every other month in season.

  • Complete Home Guard: This program includes 4 quarterly services per year; 3 exterior and 1 interior.

  • Platinum Home Guard: This program includes 6 scheduled services every other month. Treatments are targeted to control seasonal pests. This program also includes control against termites, mosquitoes and stink bugs.

To learn more about any of our residential pest control programs, or to schedule a visit to your home from one of our friendly, dedicated, and knowledgeable experts, give us a call today.

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Protect Your Perkasie, PA Family From Mosquito Dangers

Protecting your Perkasie family from mosquitoes and their dangers is as easy as partnering with Moyer Pest Control. At Moyer, our professionals understand the dangers pests present, the diseases they spread, and how their presence can prevent you from being able to enjoy your Perkasie outdoor space to its fullest potential. To protect people and property from mosquitoes, the experts at Moyer pest control provide a mosquito management plan, which consists of six monthly outdoor treatments during mosquito season (May to October). Each treatment consists of a technician walking your property, treating foliage, vegetation areas, buildings, and other areas where mosquitoes like to rest. To get started reducing mosquitoes on your Pennsylvania property, call Moyer Pest Control today!


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Commercial Pest Control In Perkasie, PA

Don’t trust your facility’s structure, your inventory, your employees, your customers, or your business’s reputation to just any pest control company. Trust the highly experienced pest professionals at Moyer Pest Control. Moyer Pest Control provides exceptional commercial pest control services through Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to keep disease-spreading, destructive, and nuisance pests out of your Perkasie commercial property in the most eco-friendly and effective manner possible. Integrated Pest Management allows our pest professionals to quickly eliminate current pest problems from your facility, complete the safe application of pest control products in and around your facility, and put into place the prevention measures needed to stop future problems with invasive pests. Contact Moyer Pest Control today to begin implementing professional pest control services into your commercial facility, and have peace of mind in knowing that you are receiving industry-leading, highly effective services needed to maintain a pest-free commercial facility long into the future.


How Much Damage Can Termites Do To Your Perkasie, PA Property?

Termites that find their way into your Perkasie home (to tunnel through its structural wood to gather food for an ever-growing colony) can cause a lot of structural damage to your property. Some of the reasons termites have the potential to cause so much damage to a property include:

  • They don’t work alone. While a few tiny termites may not cause significant damage to your home, it is important to remember that termites live together in very large colonies, with some colonies having hundreds of thousands of termites living and working together.

  • Termites work all day, all night, all year long. Their constant work habits mean that they are constantly causing damage to a home they have invaded.

  • Termites work very quietly inside the wood they are invading, meaning it can take a long time for a homeowner to realize that they have a termite problem.

  • A termite infestation usually isn’t discovered until signs of their damage begin to emerge, which is after the damage has already been done.

Termites work quietly, produce few (or no) signs of their presence, work continuously, and cause expensive damage. Protecting your property from these tiny damaging pests is imperative. At Moyer Pest Control we help you protect your home from termites through our comprehensive termite control services. To learn more about the highly effective termite control options we provide to protect Perkasie properties from wood-eating, destructive termites, contact us today!


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