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Pest Control In Mechanicsville, PA

When it comes to keeping a community like Mechanicsville, PA, safe, you can never be too careful. One of the best ways to keep this growing community healthy is by investing in superior pest control services for homes and businesses. As Bucks County pest control needs have risen, Moyer Pest Control is ready to meet this need with Pennsylvania's highest-quality pest control service.


Residential Pest Control In Mechanicsville

Our homes need to be secure and safe from any outside pest invader. At Moyer Pest Control, we have been helping keep Mechanicsville homes safe from pest infestations since 1869 with our comprehensive residential pest control programs, which come in three levels:

  • Exterior Home Guard
  • Complete Home Guard
  • Platinum Home Guard

At Moyer Pest Control, our expert technicians don't just treat the visible problem. They root out the source of your infestations, efficiently eliminate existing pests, and implement proven prevention strategies to keep them from coming back. Our residential pest control plans fit anyone's specific needs. If pests have you feeling unsafe in your own home, don't wait. Give us a call for help today!

mechanicsville pa pest control

Commercial Pest Control In Mechanicsville

Pest infestations in businesses are devastating. They can expose your employees and patrons to harmful illnesses, cause a loss of revenue, and potentially cause your hard-earned reputation to plummet. That's why Moyer Pest Control provides complete commercial pest control services for the following types of Mechanicsville establishments:

  • Property management
  • Food processing
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Restaurants 
  • Retail facilities
  • Warehousing

Our commercial pest control services can be specific to the type of pest that's causing you trouble or for general control and prevention. No matter what kind of infestation you have, the pros at Moyer Pest Control have the tools needed to eliminate them safely. It's never too early to get ahead of the pests. Contact us to speak to a team member. 


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Professional Advice On Mosquito Control For Your Mechanicsville Home 

Unfortunately, Mechanicsville is no stranger to mosquitoes. While the best form of prevention is to have your yard professionally sprayed, there are some things you can do to try and avoid these pests when outside:

  • Place citronella candles: A well-known way to help keep mosquitoes at bay is to surround your yard with citronella candles. However, this is not a 100% guaranteed method to keep them out of your yard.
  • Wear lighter colors: Studies have shown that mosquitoes are attracted to darker colors, so if you plan to be outside, try wearing bright colors, as fewer mosquitoes will be interested in you that way.
  • Install mosquito netting: If possible, you can surround the area you plan to be out in with mosquito netting. While this is a great temporary solution, it may not be practical in the long run if you need to work outside of that netted area.

At Moyer Pest Control, we use the most formidable tools available on the professional market to protect yards like yours from mosquitoes. If you want to enjoy your outdoor time this summer, call us for a treatment today!


The Biggest Problem With Having Fleas In Your Mechanicsville Home 

The flea is notorious for being one of the most difficult to get rid of pests in Mechanicsville. Not only that, but they are capable of causing more harm than just leaving itchy bites. Here are some of the other ways the flea wreaks havoc:

  • Flea-borne (murine) typhus: Fleas can make you sick. This particular disease is caused by a bacteria called Rickettsia typhi. Fleas carry this bacteria, and when they bite you or your pet, they pass it along. Symptoms include a rash, cough, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, fever, and body aches.
  • Parasites: Flea bites on humans and pets can cause one of the vilest of parasites: the tapeworm. The tapeworm lives in the intestines and can cause weight loss from inadequate absorption of nutrients. If bitten or swallowed, a flea can transmit this parasite to humans and pets.
  • Bubonic plague: It's hard to believe that something as small as a flea is the cause of one of history's deadliest pandemics. Fleas infected with the bubonic plague hitched rides on rodents, and those rodents hung out closely with humans, inadvertently spreading this deadly disease. If exposed to a flea infected with the plague, you will experience severe side effects in your lungs and immune system. Fatalities are common without medical intervention. 

Flea bites on humans can be equally as dangerous on pets, so be sure to seek out proper veterinary care for them when it comes to fleas. If you are dealing with these terrible pests, give us a call at Moyer Pest Control. Let us help you kick these unwanted tenants out today.


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