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Pest Control For Maple Glen, PA

Maple Glen is one of our favorite communities to service, and that has a lot to do with the kinds of people that form this great town. At Moyer Pest Control, we appreciate proper tradition, as one of the first pest control companies to exist in Pennsylvania. We take pride in having served the Maple Glen area for over 140 years, and this experience allows us to make the best pest protection plans for your home or business. 

When you’re a Moyer Pest Control customer, you’re treated like family. We put customer satisfaction above all else, which is a large part of our continued success. Combining industry-leading treatment solutions and caring customer service, our pest control technicians will not rest until you’re satisfied with their service. Give us a call today to get started on the road toward pest-free living in Maple Glen. 


Home Pest Control Solutions In Maple Glen, PA

Your home should be a place of tranquility and comfort, but pest issues will really complicate things in your house. Plus, many of the local pests that invade Maple Glen homes the most are some of the most destructive and dangerous in the country. 

Trying to deal with these issues yourself can often make the problems worse, but the guaranteed protection of Moyer Pest Control services can give you back the pest-free home you’ve been dreaming of. Whatever pest issues you’re dealing with, our trained technicians will inspect the problem and put together a custom plan for your property needs. 

Many of our quarterly service packages even include free call-backs and emergency pest services if a problem does pop up between visits. Give us a call today to learn more about the most experienced pest control service in the industry.

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Commercial Pest Control Solutions In Maple Glen, PA

There’s nothing worse for your business than pest problems because they can hurt you in a variety of ways. Invasive pests that love to plague Maple Glen businesses can damage your inventory, cause failed health inspections, put customers and employees at risk, and threaten your reputation in the community. 

If you trust your business to Moyer Pest Control, you’ll not only get the benefit of attentive customer service, you’ll also get the pest control power of 140 years of experience on your side. Since we’ve been satisfying Maple Glen businesses for so long, we’ve dealt with every kind of facility and every kind of pest in the area, so we’re certain we can achieve the same levels of satisfaction for you. Give us a call today to set up an inspection with the best commercial pest control technicians in the industry.


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The Importance Of Professional Termite Services In Maple Glen, PA

When Maple Glen residents don’t think about the possibility of a termite infestation, they could be in for an expensive surprise. Termites are a much more common problem than you may think, and you probably wouldn’t realize if you had a termite infestation in the first place. However, allowing termite infestations to last for more than 18 months can result in $3,000’ worth of damage or more, on average. 

Spotting termite infestations on your own can be difficult. You’ll probably never see the pests themselves, but you might notice the following signs:

  • Shed wings of swarmer termites

  • Tightening of doors and windows

  • Mud tubes along the foundation walls

  • Visible damage to exposed wood

If you do notice these signs, it’s important to call for professional pest control assistance. Moyer Pest Control can spot these signs with professional accuracy, and then our technicians can suggest the proper course of action to eradicate the issue completely. 

If you don’t currently have a termite problem, it can be very difficult to prevent a future infestation on your own, at least with the guaranteed assurances of professional treatments. Moyer Pest Control’s termite prevention packages can guarantee a termite-free home so that you never have to worry about having to spend money on repairs. Give us a call today to schedule a professional termite inspection and start protecting your home from a costly termite infestation. 


How To Spot And Stop Earwigs In Your Maple Glen, PA Home

Earwigs are dark brown insects with narrow bodies that earned their name from an old wives’ tale. These slender pests were said to climb into people's ears and burrow into their brains as they slept, using their sharp claws. However, earwigs do not, in fact, invade human brains, but they will invade your home. 

These pests, which typically measure about a half-inch to an inch long, don’t leave many signs of infestation, but they can invade in large numbers. You’re likely to see these pests hiding among magazines or other paper items, clutter in low-traffic areas of the home, or out in the yard where they’ll feed on all sorts of vegetation.

They aren’t much of a health threat, but they can do a lot of damage to sprouting vegetation. Plus, they’re incredibly hard to keep out of your home since they can squeeze into a variety of openings. Therefore, the best protection from earwigs is professional pest control services. 

We understand you have a lot of options in the Maple Glen area for pest control, but why would you bet against 140 years of experience? Our dedication to attentive customer service and satisfaction will ensure that we eradicate your earwig problem and prevent any further issues. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection and start your journey to a pest-free home. 


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