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Pest Control For Lower Nazareth, PA

Nestled within Eastern Pennsylvania farmlands you will find the delightful township of Lower Nazareth. This community-oriented township prides itself on being a great place to live, work, and play. To help protect your scenic Lower Nazareth home or business from the many insects and rodents that try to make their way inside in order to feed, breed, and nest, the pest professionals at Moyer Pest Control offer area residents a wide range of highly effective and affordable pest control services. Since 1869, we have proudly been committed to the local communities, families, and businesses that we serve; protecting people and property from potentially dangerous and damaging area pests. To learn more about how we can work together to implement the right pest control program in your Lower Nazareth home or business, reach out to Moyer Pest Control today.


Home Pest Control In Lower Nazareth, PA

To put a stop to pests gaining easy access to your Lower Nazareth home and causing you stress, contaminating food, spreading disease, and damaging your home’s structure, partner with the pest professionals at Moyer Pest Control today. Moyer offers three year-round, tailored Home Guard pest control programs to customers. Our offerings allow each of our customers to choose the program that's right for their budget and home. Our Home Guard programs include:

  • Exterior Home Guard program - This program includes four services every other month in season.

  • Complete Home Guard program - This program offers four quarterly services per year; three exterior and one interior

  • Platinum Home Guard program - This program includes six scheduled services every other month, targeted to control seasonal pests.

Each of our Home Guard pest control programs also comes with the guarantee that if covered pests return between visits, our professionals also return to apply another treatment at no charge. Give us a call to get details about each of our residential pest control programs and learn which program is the right fit for your family’s Lower Nazareth home.

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Learn How To Avoid Stink Bugs In Lower Nazareth, PA

Stink bugs are a species of pests that no Pennsylvania homeowner welcomes into their home because, as their name suggests, sharing a home with stink bugs simply stinks! Stink bugs can produce a very potent and unpleasant odor.
When discovered overwintering inside homes in large numbers, stink bugs can wear out their welcome very quickly due to their overpowering odor. Once stink bugs find their way inside a structure they are very difficult to eliminate, as they hide in hard-to-reach places like behind walls, in attics, underneath floors, and in crawl spaces. The best defense against stink bugs is a good offense—putting into place a proactive stink bug control services from the professionals at Moyer Pest Control to keep pests from entering your home.
At Moyer Pest Control, we offer two long-lasting, effective stink bug treatments that are performed from late August through October. These treatments work to significantly reduce the chance of stink bugs finding their way into your home. In addition to our professional services, doing the following around your home can help to prevent problems with stink bugs:

  • Keep doors and windows closed

  • Replace or repair torn screens

  • Seal and caulk small openings leading into your home

  • Weatherstrip around windows and doors

  • Place door sweeps on all exterior doors

  • Place mesh covers over all vents leading into your home

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Commercial Pest Control Solutions In Lower Nazareth, PA

At Moyer Pest Control, our professionals have the knowledge, experience, and dedication needed to eliminate current pest problems that you may be experiencing in your Lower Nazareth business. We implement the pest control measures and services needed to prevent future pest problems from occurring inside your establishment. Whether you own a restaurant, hotel, retail store, or a large industrial facility, we have the commercial services needed to keep pests out. Through Integrated Pest Management (IPM) we offer the complete elimination of current pest problems, the safe application of chemicals in and around your facility, and the implementation of prevention measures. Get in touch with us today to begin protecting your Lower Nazareth business from invasive and damaging pests with the help of the Pennsylvania commercial pest control experts at Moyer Pest Control.


Protect Your Lower Nazareth, PA Property From Termite Damage

Don’t wait until termites have already damaged your Lower Nazareth home before you take action; be proactive against termites with the help of the Pennsylvania termite professionals at Moyer Pest Control. At Moyer we provide a few termite prevention options in Lower Nazareth for property owners to choose from:

1. Our first option is the Pest Termite Renewal Program (PTR) which utilizes the Green Eyes monitoring stations that allow our technicians to establish a ring of detection around the foundation of your home. When foraging, termites feed on the bait found in the stations. As they do this they set off a quick and reliable visual signal that can easily be spotted by you and that allows you to take action before the termites can infest your home.

2. The second available option is our Pest Termite Preventative Program (PTP) which protects homes from termites through the application of Termidor® termiticide around the exterior of your home, providing an effective barrier of protection against termites.

3. Our third and final option is our Complete Home Guard Plus (PQP) program - our year-round home pest control program which offers highly effective termite treatment that is part of a larger, year-round home pest control program.

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