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Learn The Facts: Earwig Control In Souderton

Are Earwigs Dangerous?

Also known as pincher bugs, earwigs are far from the prettiest pests that you’ll find in your Souderton home – but are these pests dangerous? And are they really going to crawl inside your ear? Here’s what Souderton homeowners should know about whether earwigs bite, if it’s dangerous to have an earwig, what attracts earwigs, and how to eliminate these pests from your home.

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What Do Earwigs Do In Your Ear?

Given their name, it’s no wonder why so many people think earwigs are after their ears! This slithery bug’s name originates from the myth that these critters enjoy crawling inside your ear canal, laying their eggs there, and even feeding on your brain. However, this myth is just that – a myth. Despite the name, earwigs are no more likely to crawl inside your ear than any other insect is. They’re also not aggressive pests, so unless you stumble upon them accidentally, earwigs aren’t drawn to humans (or your ear canal).

Are Earwigs Dangerous?

At first glance, it’s easy to see why so many people assume earwigs are dangerous. With black, brown, or red markings, these critters are usually identified by the long forcep-like pincers that protrude from the back of their abdomens. These pincers might look intimidating, but most earwigs only use their pincers for two things: to catch prey or as a self-defense measure.

Earwigs may use these pincers to grab their favorite meal, decaying vegetation, or to pinch your fingers if you try to grab one or get too close. While earwigs can bite, they rarely do – and even if they do use their pincers on you, an earwig rarely breaks the skin.

At worst, a pinch from an earwig may cause mild discomfort, redness, swelling, and slight bleeding, but most pinches aren’t even that severe. Also you’re not at-risk for contracting any diseases or bacteria like you are with some pests.

How Did An Earwig Get In My Bed?

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night to find an earwig crawling on the carpet or even your own bed. Most of the time, these pests don’t end up in your home by accident. A few different things may attract earwigs into your home or around your property, such as:

Moisture/humidity: Whether you’re dealing with obstructed gutters that cause the soil around your home to get too moist or you’ve got an extremely humid basement, these conditions are perfect for earwigs. Homes with moisture, drainage, or humidity problems are all bound to draw earwigs inside.
Leaf litter: Since earwigs love moisture and shade, leaf piles are an attractive place for them to hunker down and reproduce. Too many leaf piles or excess debris on your property could serve as an attraction for earwigs.

Rotting wood: Rotting wood often comes with excess moisture, which creates the perfect recipe for earwigs. When they’re outside, these bugs may make their homes inside rotting tree trunks, but they also don’t mind living in rotting wood that’s inside your home either.

Flowers and plants: An earwig’s favorite snacks are vegetation and other tiny insects – which they’re bound to find in your garden or around your flowering plants. Earwigs may be initially drawn to your home because of these plants, but if the soil becomes oversaturated, they may venture inside.

In many cases, an earwig problem may start outside in moist or saturated soil, but over time, these bugs often migrate inside homes.

How Do You Kill Earwigs?

While it may be easy to kill one or two earwigs that cross your path, controlling an entire population of them is another problem. Earwigs reproduce quickly, and if the conditions in your home make it easy for them to thrive, they’ll continue to come back.

Luckily, you don’t have to combat earwig infestations on your own; professional assistance from Moyer Pest Control can help. From troublesome termites to eccentric-looking earwigs, our trustworthy reputation in the Souderton area speaks for itself. If you’re currently dealing with earwigs in your Souderton home or just suspect that you might have a problem, there’s no point in waiting. Contact us at Moyer Pest Control today for more advice and assistance about our earwig control services.

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