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How To Keep Rats Away From Your Souderton Property

Roof Rats & Norway Rats In Souderton

here’s nothing more unsettling than finding a rat scurrying across your home, and for Souderton property owners, you’re most likely to encounter either roof rats or Norway rats. Roof rats are also called black rats and ship rats. They are darker, slender, and have much longer tails. In fact, they’ll often use their climbing skills to scale the side of your house or rooftop. While they may be bigger than roof rats, Norway rats, or brown rats, aren’t as agile and prefer to camp out in your basement rather than your attic. 

Unfortunately, both roof rats and Norway rats have a long history of being dependent on humans. For centuries, these pests have stuck close to human civilization so that they could leech off our warmth, food, and water – and they enter Souderton homes for the same reason. 

Keeping rats away from your house isn’t always easy. Here’s what Souderton homeowners should understand about the problems that rats bring into homes, how to prevent rats, and what to do if you’re already struggling with a rat infestation. 

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What Problems Do Rats Cause In Souderton Homes?

While rats may rely on humans for food, water, and shelter, they only offer destruction and disease in return. Having rats on your Souderton property is more than just a nuisance – it’s actually dangerous, and here’s why: 

Rats spread disease: From tularemia to hantavirus and salmonella, rats have the potential to spread dangerous diseases and bacteria to your family. Not only can they spread diseases through urine and feces, but it’s also possible to catch an illness like rat-bite fever through a rat scratch or bite.

Rats cause property damage: Even if they’re not carrying any diseases, rats aren’t afraid to cause property damage. They’ll use their long teeth and powerful jaws to chew through all kinds of materials in your home, like wood, plastic, or even vinyl.

Rats can bring parasites in: In many cases, the rats that enter your home may also be infested with their own parasites, like ticks or fleas. Once they’ve made it into your home, these parasites may hop off and start infesting your home or pets. 

How To Prevent Rats

Given how destructive and dangerous rats can be for Souderton homeowners, it’s important to know how to keep them away. Here are some quick tips to lower the risk of a rat problem and keep your home rodent-free.

Get rid of access points: Rats can use their powerful teeth to chew tiny holes into your home’s foundation or walls. Most of the time, adult rats only need a hole that’s the size of a quarter to squeeze through. The best way to prevent access is by sealing off potential entry points with a rodent-proof material like steel wool.

Don’t leave food sitting out: Food that’s sitting out in your home can be a big attraction for rats, so it’s always a good idea to properly store leftovers in airtight containers and not leave dirty dishes sitting in the sink overnight.

Trim low-hanging tree branches and shrubs: Roof rats may take advantage of low-hanging tree branches or overgrown shrubs that allow them to climb the side of your house. Be sure to regularly trim back any branches near the exterior of your home.

Address moisture issues: Moisture issues, like leaky faucets or plumbing problems, can provide rats with a source of water. As soon as you notice moisture issues in your home, you’ll want to address them. 

How To Deal With A Rat Infestation In Souderton, PA

While you can use the tips above to prevent rat problems from happening in the future, you’ll need a stronger solution to combat existing rat infestations in your home – and that’s where Moyer Pest Control can help. 

With years of experience under our belts and a trustworthy reputation that speaks for itself, our specialists understand just how dangerous rats can be for homeowners. Our job isn’t done until your house is completely and permanently rat-free. If you’re spotting rats or other rodents around your Souderton home, you shouldn’t wait for the infestation to get worse or become dangerous. Contact us at Moyer Pest Control today for more assistance or information about how our rodent control services work.

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