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How Did Spiders Get Into My West Chester Home?

Spotting Spiders In Your Home

When spiders appear in unexpected places, it can make the manliest of men scream like a little girl. We expect to see spiders crawling on a rock or scaling a tree. We may even expect them dangling from a web in our landscaping. But it is quite unexpected to open a box from the attic and come face to face with a big, hairy spider.

Those spiders don't belong inside our West Chester homes! If you agree, then you've come to the right place. Today we're going to discuss how spiders get in and, more importantly, how to keep them out.

a house spider inside of a home in west chester pennsylvania

How Spiders Get In

Spiders come into homes for one reason. You might think that reason is to bite you, but it isn't. They come in simply because they can. Here are some of the many ways spiders gain entrance to your home:

  • Gaps around pipes and wire conduit. When utilities are installed in a home, the hole created for those utilities is larger than the object passing through your walls. The gap is then sealed to keep the moisture and the pests out. But this seal can be damaged. When the seal is broken, spiders take advantage of it. If you don't have a good seal around your pipes, you are giving an open invitation to spiders.

  • Cracks in foundation walls. Over time, a home can settle. When it does, tiny cracks can turn into larger cracks. If a crack gets large enough, spiders will use it to gain entry to your basement or cellar.

  • Weep holes. Brick structures have a unique issue when it comes to keeping pests out. Weep holes in exterior walls, which are important for letting moisture escape, can allow pests to get in.

  • Window and door seals. Around the frames of your windows and doors, there may be flashing or a silicone caulk seal. When a seal is broken and holes appear, spiders use them to slip in.

  • Window and door frames. If carpenter ants, rodents, or some other pest chews through your frames, they'll create a superhighway for pests.

  • Doors. Around your exterior doors, there should be a rubber barrier called weatherstripping. It keeps the warm air in during the winter and the cold air in during the summer. It also keeps the bugs out all year long. If a spider finds a gap in your weather stripping, they have immediate access to your home.

  • Damaged screens. When squirrels chew holes through screens and gnaw holes in the frames of windows or doors, spiders can use these holes to get into the window or door frame and into the wall void beyond.

  • Rooflines. Spiders get in through low access points and high access points. You could be amazed at how many gaps your roofline has.

How To Seal Spiders Out

In the war on spiders, a caulking gun is your greatest asset. It can help you fill in holes created by rodents, carpenter ants, and other wood-destroying pests. It can help you seal gaps that form around window and door frames or along your roofline. If you can't properly fix something, a caulking gun can help you patch things up until you can.

If you're dealing with foundation cracks, you can use a liquid cement crack filler or a pre-mixed concrete patch. Not only will this keep the spiders out, it will help you protect your home from moisture damage.

As for doors and window screens, door sweeps, weather stripping, and other protective items, replacing them is the best solution. There are some cases when repairing a damaged window screen can get the job done. There are many videos on the internet to walk you through how to do this.

How To Get Spiders Out

The best way to get spiders out of your home is to give Moyer Pest Control a call. Spider extermination is extremely difficult. We use strategies that have been developed by experienced and educated pest control experts. We also have ongoing pest control programs that help prevent spiders from finding their way in through tiny entry points you could have missed. Reach out to us today to request immediate pest control services. We're here to help!

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