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How Ants Get Inside West Chester Homes and Businesses

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It can be startling to discover ants. Some ant species can enter a home or business in the tens of thousands. They congregate on window sills. They move in lines across the dividers between rooms. They come out from under the corner of a kitchen faucet and feed on the remnants left on a dirty plate. You can find them in the basement. You can find them in the attic. They can be anywhere. But how on earth do those ants get in? Today, we're going to take a close look at how and why ants get into homes and businesses in West Chester.


Let's start in your yard. This is where ant problems actually begin. While ants will come into any yard for no reason at all, there are some conditions that will invite them in. If you have these conditions around your home, it could be why ants have gotten in.

  • Lots of vegetation will draw ants in. Many ants feed on the honeydew left by aphids and scales. In fact, carpenter ants love this honeydew so much, they have been found corralling and milking aphids for this sweet excretion. Do you have landscaping around your home or business? If so, you'll have ants.
  • Moisture is a strong incentive for ants. If it is damp near your foundation walls, some ants will thrive. These damp conditions can occur because of obstructed gutters, a dense tree canopy, dense bushes and more.
  • A concrete slab or cracks in a concrete wall can be inviting to ants, especially pavement ants which like to nest in cracks and crevices. This attractant is also a possible entry point.
  • Overgrowth, leaves and organic debris can be attractants for many insects, and ants are no exception. Keep your foundation perimeter clear and trimmed to reduce pest activity.

Entry Points

If you have ants near your home or business, and you probably do, ants are going to accidentally find ways in. Some of the most common ways they get in are:

  • By going under the door sweeps of exterior doors.
  • By squeezing past the weather stripping around doors.
  • By using gaps in the broken seals around pipes and wire conduit.
  • By climbing in cracks in foundation walls and slabs.
  • By locating broken seals around the frames of windows and doors.
  • By walking right in through holes created by rodents and other wood-damaging pests.
  • By getting under the door sweep of a garage door.

Most of the entry points ants exploit are near the ground but they can get into high entry points when they have easy access by way of a tree branch. If you have tree branches touching your roofline, ants can find their way in through damage done by squirrels, roof rats, raccoons and other pests. They can also find gaps created by foul weather, particularly in the area where the roof meets the gutter system or between the chimney stack and the wall.

Interior Routes

Once inside a home or business, ants can move from floor to floor using wall voids. You would be amazed at how many voids there are in a man-made structure. Ants will also move along pipes, especially pipes that have condensation. Since most ants are drawn to high humidity and moisture, pipes tend to be in the places these ants tend to be and they will use them like superhighways to get around. This is why it is not uncommon to find ants coming up underneath a kitchen sink.

Ant Issues

When ants get in, they are very annoying. But that is not where your issues will stop. Some ants are mechanical vectors for bacteria. Some get into electrical boxes and can cause electrical shorts to occur. Some create galleries in wood and can cause structural damage. Ants can be a particular threat in sensitive environments such as hospitals or nursing homes.

If you own a home or business in West Chester and you need assistance controlling ants, remember that Moyer Pest Control offers industry-leading residential and commercial pest control services. Our team can give you the support you need to keep your home or business pest free. Get started by requesting a pest inspection and let's find out what you're up against.

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