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Comfortable Neighborhoods And Thriving Commerce

Center Valley, Pennsylvania, is a community located one mile north of Coopersburg. Known for its high-end homes, comfortable neighborhoods, and thriving commerce, Center Valley is a desired community for families to both live and work. But Center Valley is also the perfect area for a wide variety of pests including rodents, termites, mosquitoes to thrive, making year-round pest control a must for home and business owners here.

Many of your friends and neighbors have chosen the reliable, trusted services from Moyer Pest Control to protect their homes and their businesses from the harmful and damaging effects of pests. Our experts have the training, tools, and technologies necessary to quickly identify pest threats and eliminate them with environmentally responsible solutions, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that pests are not undermining the structural integrity of your home or business, and they are not spreading diseases to your family, your employees, or your patrons.

To learn more about our year-round pest prevention plans or any of our stand-alone services for a specific pest, simply give us a call today.


Residential Pest Control In Center Valley, PA

You have put a lot of time, money, and effort into your Center Valley home, and you have made so many lasting memories with family and friends there. It would be a shame to let pests sneak into the recesses of your home and undermine the satisfaction and security of your investment – especially since Center Valley residents have access to the industry-leading residential pest control services from Moyer Pest Control.

Moyer Pest Control has been on the front lines of the battle against pests here in Pennsylvania for more than 148 years, and we have gained valuable insights into the habits and habitats of the pests you deal with during that time. When you couple that experience with the latest tools and technologies, you have the recipe for success in your pest battle.

Our experts have designed three levels of service that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your Center Valley property. Take a look at the general overview of our Home Guard pest control programs and then give us a call to discuss which one is right for your Center Valley home.

  • Exterior Home Guard – Bi-monthly services to treat the most common pests to invade Center Valley homes. Services will generally be applied to the exterior of your home with interior treatment of covered pests as needed. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will return to re-treat between scheduled service calls if covered pests return. Targeted pests include ants, carpenter ants, centipedes, clover mites, crickets, earwigs, ground beetles, millipedes, pill/sow bugs, spiders, and wasp and yellow jacket nests.

  • Platinum Home Guard – 6 planned visits scheduled on a bi-monthly basis which will target the specific pests that are active during each season. 5 of the visits will focus on the exterior of your home with interior service as needed, and 1 visit will be scheduled to include both. Three of the visits will include inspection of termite monitors; mosquito and tick applications will be done during 4 of the visits; vole monitoring services will be done at each visit with treatment as needed, and spider webs and eggs will be removed at every visit. This service includes specific treatment for termites, mosquitoes, and stink bugs.

  • Complete Home Guard – 4 visits per year, one each quarter. Three visits will focus on the exterior of your home, and one will treat the interior; and if covered pests return between visits, so will we—at no additional charge to you. We will schedule all of your visits for a time that is convenient to you, your treatments will be tailored to meet your needs, and we will utilize integrated pest management protocols. Covered pests include ants, carpenter ants, centipedes, clover mites, crickets, earwigs, ground beetles, millipedes, pill/sowbugs, spiders, and wasp and yellow jacket nests, cockroaches, fleas, food infesting insects, mice, rats, and silverfish.

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Learn How To Avoid Bed Bugs In Center Valley, PA

Avoiding bed bugs here in Center Valley is not as easy as it may sound. Bed bugs have made a comeback in the past decade and are now near epidemic levels in some areas. And since bed bugs are expert hitchhikers, they have found their way into towns and cities throughout the country. Avoiding contact with these parasitic pests begins with understanding that bed bugs do not just live in beds. In fact, bed bugs do not care about your bed at all.

What they are looking for is a meal, and that meal just happens to be human blood. Therefore, bed bugs are attracted to any areas where people can be found. Bed bugs can infest any public place, private home, or mode of transportation that people frequent, and avoiding them means that you must be vigilant to look for their subtle signs every time you leave your home. Make sure to inspect all seats, furniture, carpets, bedding, and every nook and cranny for the 1/4 inch reddish-brown adult bug.

Be sure to look for the tiny red blood droplets, the shed skin casings, and the small brown fecal spots that can indicate an infestation. Also, keep in mind that bed bugs travel by climbing onto you or your bags allowing you to carry them right into your home, so be careful about where you set your purse, luggage, computer bag, or backpack. And remember, if bed bugs do find their way into your Center Valley home or business, call the Center Valley bed bug control experts here at Moyer Pest Control.

Our bed bug specialists can quickly identify a bed bug infestation, no matter how big or how small. Moyer offers fast, accurate K-9 inspection services, conventional treatments, and environmentally responsible heat treatments to eliminate bed bugs from your Center Valley home or business. Don’t let bed bugs bite in your Center Valley property when fast, effective, discreet services are only a call or a click away.


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Silverfish Prevention Tips In Center Valley, PA

While silverfish do not pose a direct health hazard to people, they are not a pest that you want lurking in your bathroom, kitchen, or basement. And since silverfish are attracted to moisture, their presence in your home can indicate a much larger issue than you first realized. Controlling the moisture levels in your home is the biggest key to controlling silverfish. Therefore, be sure to identify and eliminate any sources of excessive moisture like leaky pipes and condensation.

Once the excess moisture is controlled, it is time to dehumidify. You can accomplish this by ventilating attics and crawlspaces, eliminating standing water sources, and utilizing dehumidifiers and air conditioning systems. Also, be sure to vacuum regularly and store food in airtight containers.

If you have done all that you can to keep silverfish from your home but to no avail, be sure to call in the experts from Moyer Pest Control. We have year-round services that are effective at controlling silverfish populations in your Center Valley home or business, and we have stand-alone services that specifically tackle silverfish. To learn more about our effective, environmentally responsible solutions for silverfish in your Center Valley home or business, give us a call today.


Protect Your Center Valley, PA Home From Termites

Termites are one of the most destructive insects to invade Center Valley homes and businesses. This tiny insect is responsible for over 5 billion dollar’s worth of damage throughout the country each year, and most of that damage is not covered by insurance policies. Part of the reason that termites are able to do so much harm is that they are so elusive.

The main colony is typically housed far below ground, and the termite constructs discreet mud tubes that allow them to travel from their colony, up the side of your foundation, and into the recesses of your home undetected. Often the first sign people see of a termite infestation is when walls begin to buckle, floors begin to warp, and ceilings begin to sag. But, you do not have to wait for termites to damage your Center Valley home or business before you take action.

Moyer Pest Control offers year-round termite monitoring and control solutions in Center Valley that are effective at eliminating existing termite colonies and at keeping future foraging termites from invading your property. We offer three termite prevention programs for you to choose from depending on logistics and your personal preference. Take a look at the overview below and then contact us to discuss which service is right for your Center Valley home or business:

  • Pest Termite Renewal Program: This program uses our Green Eyes monitoring stations which are strategically placed around the foundation of your home or business by our termite experts. The monitoring stations set off a visible signal that the property owner can see when termites are present. It is perfect for the property owner that wants protection, but is able to monitor for termites throughout the year on their own. Our experts will make annual visits to replenish monitoring stations. This is perfect for properties that have no visible signs of damage, no active termite colonies upon our initial inspection, and no previous treatments for termites. This program is designed for early detection services and is not intended for properties that have or have ever had termites.

  • Pest Termite Preventative Program: This program utilizes the Termidor termiticide on the exterior of your building and is designed to protect your property from termites. Plus, Termidor is more cost-effective than post-damage treatment and repairs. There is a fixed annual renewal rate to continue this protection. This is perfect for properties that have no evidence of an active termite infestation.

  • Complete Home Guard Plus: This comprehensive termite protection program is part of a larger routine pest control program, and provides monitoring and control of termites on a regular basis. This is perfect for those that are currently struggling with a termite infestation, or for those that have had termite issues in the past.


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