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a cluster of bed bugs crawling on a bed

The Dangers Of Bed Bugs In Your West Chester Home

April 16, 2021

Bed bugs are parasitic hitchhikers that can happen to anyone, not just those with dirty homes. They often make their way into homes and businesses by catching a ride on a person’s belongings. These apple seed-sized critters are flat and oval-shaped. They are brown but will appear red after a blood meal. ...

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a wolf spider carrying its young through a house plant

West Chester Property Owners' Guide To Wolf Spiders

March 18, 2021

Here in West Chester, we’re no strangers to urban spiders. We’ve got American house spiders and writing spiders practically running out our ears. While you probably see these spiders all over your West Chester property on a pretty regular basis, another common spider in our area that you might not see as often is the wolf spider....

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a bed bug crawling on a head board

Four Myths About Bed Bugs In West Chester, Pennsylvania

March 16, 2021

When it comes to bed bugs, it seems like there’s no end to the misinformation. Though they’re one of the most prevalent pests in the world, many people know little to nothing about them. This isn’t surprising given the number of rumors that have always swirled around this unpleasant, difficult-to-evict pest. Below, we’ll look at four prevalent myths about bed bugs to help you distinguish fact from fiction....

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