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termite colony up close



Why Now Is The Time To Protect Your New Castle Home Against Termites

Spring is in full swing and while that can mean plenty of pleasant things, like blooming flowers, evenings spent outdoors, and no more winter jackets, it can also mean something rather unpleasant: Termites. That’s why now is the time to protect your New Castle home against termites.

termites swarmers on wood



What To Do When Termites Start Swarming This Spring

If you’ve never seen a termite swarm before, consider yourself lucky. It’s not that they’re frightening or particularly disturbing. It’s simply that, if you’ve seen one, it means there are termites nearby, probably much closer than you want them to be.




Where Do Termites Go When It’s Winter In Souderton?

When Souderton homeowners think of a termite infestation, it often strikes fear in their hearts. Termites are known to do extensive damage to homes. And that damage is often not covered by standard homeowners’ insurance. Preventing termite infestations should be a top priority for all homeowners, even in winter.

termites on dirt



Should I Still Be Worried About Termites In My West Chester Home?

What is your favorite thing to do after a fun day out in the brisk air of fall? Are you one to cozy up next to the fire, wrapped in your fleece blanket, reading your favorite book? Or are you more of a hot chocolate and TV kind of homeowner. Either way, one thing is certain, a day out in the cold should always be ended in warmth. Termites feel the same way.

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