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a large brown recluse spider crawling along the hard wood floors in a souderton pennsylvania home

What's That Spider Inside My Souderton Home?

July 12, 2019

Spiders seem to be pests that are incredibly common in our area, and they are perfectly capable of invading your property this year. Despite how common these home-invading pests are, most residents couldn’t name the type of spiders they have found inside their homes. However, it can be important to know what spiders are common here in Souderton and how to identify them....

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a hairy brown recluse spider crawling along a stone surface on a souderton property

How Summer Insect Problems Can Lead To Spider Infestations In Souderton

June 10, 2019

Like many of the residents of Souderton, insects become more active outdoors when the weather warms up and summer comes around. Insects are cold-blooded creatures that can only survive through certain temperatures, which is why you see considerably fewer insects - or perhaps none - during the much colder months of fall and winter. Spring has provided the insects in Souderton with exactly what they need to reproduce and start spreading like wil...

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