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stink bug crawling on deck

Do You Know How To Avoid Overwintering Pests?

September 11, 2017

e world. There are some who will stop everything they're doing to chase a single stink bug around the house, capture it, and dispose of it. Others can have hundreds of stink bugs crawling in their curtains, walking across their television, buzzing through the living room and kitchen... and just shrug them off. Most of us fall somewhere in between. No matter where you stand, we're thinking you would probably like to know how to keep those bugs ...

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stink bug crawling on carpet

Stinky Problems For West Chester Residents

November 18, 2016

There is absolutely no doubt where the name ‘stink bug’ comes from; as those of us here in West Chester that have had the unfortunate experience of spending the winter with them can attest. Stink bugs stink. It’s that plain and simple. They are equipped with a gland on their abdomen that produces a very noxious odor that some species can even spray up to several feet. Some say the smell reminds them of skunk, other say it sme...

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I Have Seen Many Stink Bugs On My Home, Should I Be Concerned?

September 28, 2015

The stink bug? So what exactly is the stink bug, you ask? The stink bug, technically called the brown marmorated stink bug, is a little pest that was actually introduced into the U.S. in 1998. They came from the Orient accidentally and have thrived here because they have no natural predators. These are small insects, slightly under an inch, with a shield shaped body and brown shading. And you're likely to see them more and more of them in the ...

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