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Image Of A Spring Pest



Pennsylvania Spring Pests

Procrastination, the art of waiting till the last possible second to frantically complete a task you’ve had plenty of time to do, has seldom worked throughout history. But there are some brave souls who have succeeded where others have failed. There’s a rumor of a grad student who, under the influence of 18 Red Bulls, completed his doctrinal thesis in the five hours before its due…

Image of an Ant



Spring’s Worst Kept Secret

Spring is a time for laughter and joy, a time of festivities to celebrate the end of yet another cold winter. For most states, the snow is almost gone, and grass can be seen sprouting from the fresh soil. It feels like nothing can go wrong. However, we all know that is not the case. Springtime is prime time for pests. The cold that has kept them at bay and in hibernation over the long winter, no…

woman keeping her kitchen clean to avoid pest



Top Pest Prevention Tips For The Year

Pest prevention should be on the top of your to-do list this year. When pests get into your home they bring with them disease and bacteria. Some pests can even bring in other pests. Having a pest infestation can contaminate food, harm your family and even cause unsafe living conditions. This is why keeping pests away from your home is so important. There are different approaches to pest control…

up close picture of a fruit fly



How To Prevent Fruit Flies Over The Holidays

Do you have fruit flies? Okay. Calm down. Take a deep breath...

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