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Exclusion: The Key To Long-Term Pest Control Success

No one wants to share their house with insects, rodents, or other pests. Not only can they be creepy-crawly and gross, many can spread disease or make humans and pets sick. Pests can also damage the structure of your home or make a mess out of it. Unfortunately, many pests have the ability to reproduce rapidly once they find their way indoors, so it can be extremely difficult to eliminate an…



Tips To Pest-Proof Your Home This Fall

Before we get started, let's get one thing out of the way. When we say, "tips to pest-proof," we're not talking about suggestions for how you can prove that you have pests in your home. If you've seen cockroaches zipping up walls, spider webs in the corners of rooms, flies buzzing around, ants crawling in your kitchen, and more, you don't need any more proof than that. You have bug problems. And,…

stink bug climbing window screen



Overwintering Pests Getting Ready To Leave

Finally, the weather is warming, the flowers are budding, and the pests in your home are getting ready to leave. That’s right; you could have bugs in your home. Overwintering pests are getting ready to leave your home, but that doesn’t sound as good as you may think.

stink bug near telford home



These Overwintering Pests Make Terrible House Guests

When the sun goes down earlier and the air chills, you seek solace indoors. Your West Chester area home is a refuge and warm place to stay. You aren’t the only one who feels this way. Pests need somewhere to go too, and why would they stay outside if you offer them a way in? These overwintering pests in West Chester make terrible – and expensive – houseguest.Stink bugsNo one…

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