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an Indian meal moth in a kitchen pantry

Souderton's Complete Guide To Pantry Moth Control

October 8, 2020

Eating insects may be acceptable in other countries, but here in America, it is generally not something we do. Thankfully, there are many regulations in place to ensure the quality of our food is kept safe and that insects stay away. Unfortunately, these regulations do not always stop pantry moths. If you are worried about finding moths inside your food, you are in the right place. Here is a complete guide to pantry moth control for you to use...

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a smll brown beetle insecting a souderton home pantry as it crawls along the food shelves

How To Keep Beetles And Moths Out Of Your Pantry This Summer

June 14, 2019

 Most Souderton residents go to the store seeking out cereals, fruits, vegetables, bread, stored products, and anything else they would typically choose to eat on a normal basis.  Some of the most notable species of pantry pest are Indian meal moths, saw-toothed grain beetles, and cigarette beetles....

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food infesting pantry pests invade new castle kitchen

How Food-Infesting Insects Get Into New Castle Pantries

March 5, 2019

You’ve likely found this article because you suspect you’re dealing with pantry pests. There are several types of pantry pests, including (but not limited to) cigarette beetles, saw-toothed beetles, and Indian meal moths. If any of the following sounds familiar, you’ve landed in the right place!...

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