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a pennsylvania resident scratching at the back of her neck as it is irritated by multiple mosquito bites

Is This a Mosquito Bite - Or Something Else?

July 10, 2019

Mosquitoes are one common component of summer that isn’t so enjoyable. These annoying insects ruin outdoor gatherings and leave unpleasant bite marks up and down our skin. But with all of the summer insects that are now active, how can you determine if you’ve been bitten by a mosquito... or something else?...

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mosquito biting skin

Tips To Avoid Mosquitoes This Spring

May 10, 2017

Here we go again. It happens every year, like clockwork. In fact, it happens so faithfully, we have given it its own season. Mosquito season. And, this season those mosquitoes are going to be even worse, thanks to the mild winter we had. But, that isn't the worst part. The worldwide spread of the Zika virus has finally reached our shores. Last year, we saw two localized outbreaks of the Zika virus, and health agencies are watching this threat ...

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