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How To Keep Mice Out Of Your New Castle Home

November 30, 2021

Rodents are warm-blooded mammals of the order Rodentia that are found in most parts of the world and include mice, rats, voles, chipmunks, squirrels, and more. One common characteristic among rodents is their overgrown front incisors (teeth) that cause them to gnaw endlessly on things. The house mouse is among the most problematic types that infiltrate homes and businesses in the New Castle region. ...

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a rat on the ground outside of a home in new castle delaware

Is It Mice Or Rats Disturbing Your New Castle Home?

January 17, 2020

It may seem like a difficult thing to differentiate between mice and rats, but several noticeable physical attributes can help you separate the two. Rats are generally larger, heavier, and more aggressive than mice, often accompanied by large teeth and long whiskers...

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a mouse scurrying into a home in souderton pennsylvania though a hole in the wall

Are Mice Hiding From Winter In Your Souderton Home?

December 13, 2019

With Moyer, you can be assured of a pest-free home no matter the temperature outside, because Moyer’s pest control experts are trained in handling pest issues regardless of the season. Effective Mouse Prevention Tips One essential tip in keeping mice away from your home is to prevent them from finding food. Mice are eager to find food and can find it from many different sources. They can fe...

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