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a large wasp perched on a nest with its wings spred out on a west chester property



How Moyer Protects West Chester Homes from Summer Wasps and Yellow Jackets

The temperatures are warming up in West Chester, which means homeowners will be seeing a resurgence of stinging insects. Summer wasps and yellow jackets will begin to appear in spring and will reach their peak activity in June and July. From there they will continue to reproduce and, by the end of the season, there will be more stinging insects than you can count.

what appears to be a welcoming bed covered in smooth white linen light by the morning sun light is actualy infested with bud bug that come out in the dark of the night



Where Bed Bugs Are Commonly Found Inside Westchester Homes

Homes are at risk for bed bugs over the majority of the year. Especially West Chester. Why? Because we’re home to many historical sites that tourists love to visit. Bed bugs are known as traveling pests. At any point, usually, when you least expect it, bed bugs may arrive in your Westchester home. It’s important to know what to do if that time comes.

tick embedded in little girls neck



Is My Souderton Home At Risk for Ticks?

It's hard to enjoy your backyard without tick concerns, especially if you're finding ticks on yourself when you come back inside. Ticks are scary. Sure, not every tick you find on you has a disease, but the diseases they're able to transmit can make your jaw drop. Today, we're going to talk about some of the ways ticks can put everyone in your home at risk and discuss how to mitigate that…

a large and full grown swar mof termites infesting a home in souderton as they leave costly damage behind



4 Factors That Could Put Your Souderton Home at Risk for Termites This Spring

Termites may be little, but they are a huge problem! Knowing the signs of termites can help with early detection, which is crucial if termites have infested your home. In this article, however, we want to start with the basics. How can you protect your Souderton home and prevent termites from coming in the first place?

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