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a quickly growing flea infesttaion on the hairy arm skin of a new castle resident



Don't Let Fleas Turn Your Summer Into a Nightmare

Most often, when people hear about fleas, they think about pets. Although it is true that fleas prefer our furry friends over us, it does not change the fact that when they are on our loved companions, everyone suffers. If up to this point, you have never had to deal with fleas in your own home, we hope that you never have to.

a family of cockroaches crawling along a newcastle Pennsylvania picnic table in a residential back park



How New Castle Homeowners Unknowingly Invite Cockroaches Inside          

Cockroaches. They are not needed, they certainly aren't wanted, and it really does not matter what they are doing in our homes in the first place—they are straight up unwelcome. If you feel this way as well, stick around. Hopefully, we can help you avoid making the mistakes many other homeowners make that invite these tiny horrors inside.

a new castle resident reading a newspaper at a train stop unaware of the hitchhiking bed bugs infesting his backpack



Mitigating Risk for Bed Bug Problems in New Castle This Summer    

The first thing you should know about bed bugs is that they need assistance to get into your house. In the pest world, we call it hitchhiking. Unlike human hitchhikers, they do not stand on the side of the road with their thumb up, but instead, climb onto items around them; eventually finding their way into our homes.

a red and black deer tich sprawled out on a ragged green leaf in a west chester yard



Should West Chester Homeowners Be Worried About Ticks?

Did you know that where you live determines what kind of pests you'll have to deal with? Certain pests need specific environments to survive. For example, you won't find many termites around buildings made primarily of brick and stone as they are pests that only feed on wood-like materials. In the same way, ticks are not common on properties where there is a lack of tall grass and forested…

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