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A Special Valentine's Day Meal

February 11, 2015

Are you planning to prepare a meal for a special someone? Whether it is the thrill of a new love or the deep fulfillment of a love that has stood the test of time, you want that meal to be perfect. Take out the best dishes. Make sure you have tall candles. Throw in a few rose petals. And sprinkle the air with fruit flies. What? You don't think fruit flies add that magical touch? Okay, maybe you're right. So why don't we look at a couple ways y...

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How To Protect Your Home From Fruit Fly Invasions

November 27, 2014

Does this describe you? You sit in front of your computer monitor, reading Facebook, and a tiny speck of a bug flies into your field of vision. Whap! Your hands come together in front of your face and another fruit fly has gone on to join the choir invisible. Clickety click. You're onto another website--perhaps a news site, and another tiny speck flies past the screen. You're hands shoot out. Whap! Another fruit fly bites the dust. You look ar...

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Fruit Fly Prevention And Treatments For Do-It-Yourselfers

October 21, 2011

In Allentown, Souderton and throughout Pennsylvania, if you see small flies hovering around your kitchen, they are probably fruit flies.  These tiny flies can be a nuisance all year long, but tend to be more active late summer into the fall as they are attracted to decaying fruits and vegetables....

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