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bed bug eggs and casings



Bed Bug Safety: Heading Back To College

College dormitories are a high-risk zone for the spread of bed bugs because these blood-eating pests are hitchhikers. Not in the way that ticks and fleas hitchhike. You're not likely to pick a bed bug up while walking through some grass or wading through some tall bushes. These insects live almost entirely inside human structures. But when humans move around, bed bugs move with them. They hide in…

bed bug up close on bed



How Do Bed Bugs Hitchhike?

While bed bugs don't have thumbs, they are some of the most skillful hitchhikers in our country. Part of the reason is in the way that these bugs do their hitchhiking. They don't stand on the side of the road with their thumb out, hoping someone will pick them up. They don't hold up a sign that says "West Chester, PA or Bust." Their methods are much more sinister.

bed bug climbing on bed



Colors And Bed Bugs

Does color matter to bed bugs? Maybe! Which colors do they prefer and which do they shun? Moyer Pest knows, and now you can too!

woman talking in taxi



Bed Bugs Are Popping Up In Unlikely Places

We all know that bed bugs can infest hotels and motels. It is also likely that you are aware of how these bugs can hitch a ride home with you from a hotel or motel, but this hitchhiking trait has these blood-eating bugs invading more than just homes. In fact, you may be startled by some of the unlikely places bed bug infestations are being found.

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