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a cluster of bed bugs infesting the white cotton linens of a westchester residence



Don’t Let Bed Bugs in Westchester Ruin Your Spring  

What most Westchester residents don’t understand is that the end of summer vacation can sometimes mean the start of stressful pests and, more specifically, bed bugs. How are these two polar opposite things connected, you may ask? Here's how.

a large bed bug shaped shadow cast down onto the whit linens on a souderton residents bed



Is my Souderton home at risk for bed bugs?

Some pests may not bother you when they come to mind, but there are others that make you shiver at the mere mention of their name. Bed bugs probably fall into the latter category. There’s just something about wondering if tiny bugs are hidden around your home, waiting for you to fall asleep so they can come out and feed on you. But is your Souderton home even at risk for bed bugs?

bed bug on blanket



How Souderton Parents Can Avoid Back-To-School Bed Bugs

During the holiday season, children are out of school and many families take vacations for their limited time off. Vacationing families often stay with relatives or in hotels when traveling around, which can be rewarding for many people. It is the traveling around that we do during this season that can put many Souderton residents at risk of a bed bug infestation during the new year.

backpacks packed for vacation



Why Winter Break Could Bring Bed Bugs for Souderton Students

Kids and parents alike eagerly look forward to the holiday break – time for families to spend time together, relaxing and enjoying a well-deserved respite from busyness! Or maybe you have a family vacation planned to some exciting destination outside of Souderton. Something you may not know is that bed bugs can travel from your child’s school and settle into your cozy warm home for the…

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