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a biting bed bug resting on the cotton blankets on a souterton pennsylvania residence



How Bed Bugs Could Have Gotten Inside Your Souderton Home

Bed bugs don’t just go away in the winter like many other insect pests. They can be a problem all year long because they live indoors. They can survive for months without a blood meal and even withstand cold temperatures for a brief time. They might be less active during the winter months, but as soon as the warmer spring weather arrives, they will easily move from place to place to find a…

classroom with students



Bed Bugs Frustrating School Systems

There was a time when parents only had to be concerned about their children bringing home bad grades from school, or the dreaded head lice occasionally. Now, however, you have to be concerned with bed bugs. These little parasites are making a huge comeback due to the increase of families traveling. A family could go away, pick up and bring home bed bugs, and unbeknownst to anyone start an…



What Not To Do If You Find Bed Bugs

Finding bed bugs in your home is scary. You may be tempted to throw away your bed or burn your sheets to get rid of them, but these are not effective methods of bed bug elimination. In fact, there are several DIY methods for treating bed bugs that are not worth your time. Let’s separate fact from fiction in these popular choices…

bed bug biting pennsylvania resident



Bed Bug Awareness Week

Bed bugs are widespread across the United States, including in areas right here in Pennsylvania. They can be found anywhere, regardless of the sanitary conditions (or lack thereof), as they are just looking for their next feast. They could care less about how clean or how dirty a place is as long as it is a place that people frequent.