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Bed Bug Season At Its Peak In Pennsylvania

You might think winter would be the logical peak season for bed bugs in Pennsylvania. Considering how cold the weather gets in the winter in our area, you might assume bed bugs would seek shelter inside our homes like many other pests. However, bed bugs can tolerate very high temperatures and seek to bite areas of bare skin in order to get a blood meal, which makes summer the perfect time for them…

bed bug up close in pennsylvania



Where To Find Bed Bugs In West Chester

Do you think you may have bed bugs, but you can't actually find them? It happens. Sometimes bed bugs aren't in your bed. You can rip the covers and the sheets off, inspect every inch of your mattress and box spring, and find yourself scratching your head (and all those bites) wondering where the bed bugs are. Here are a few things to consider.



Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs On Thanksgiving

Will you be having people over to your West Chester home this Thanksgiving? We hope that you're aware that it doesn't matter if they come for the day or spend the night, they could introduce bed bugs to your home.



How Well Do You Know Bed Bugs?

There are some bugs that we don't really need to know anything about. When you see a few dozen millipedes on the exterior walls of your entryway or crawling around inside your home, you're not in any immediate danger. Those bugs are harmless. Of course, it is nice to know something about them, so you can get rid of them. But, they aren't going to make you sick or damage your home. Other bugs…

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