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bed bug on bed



Guide To A Bed Bug-Free Spring Vacation

May is the perfect time to go on vacation, and nothing can ruin a vacation faster than finding out that your room has bed bugs. If you're planning a spring vacation, take a moment to read through this quick guide to prevent bed bug bites and reduce your chances of bringing these hitchhiking bugs back home with you.

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Why DIY Bed Bug Control Does Not Work

Recently, bed bug infestations have been on the rise. Relative to the steady increase in travel in the last couple decades, after a brief stint of limited activity, bed bugs have been popping up all over the place. The recent increase in bed bug infestations have sent many of us to the internet in search of a way to get rid of them, and with all the DIY methods out there, you will likely find…

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When Bed Bug Prevention Fails

Bed bug infestation is on the rise all around the country. The economy is better than it has been in a decade, and believe or not, there is a correlation with the high level of bed bug infestations. Whenever the economy is good, more jobs are created, and many of these jobs involve travel, in the form of daily commutes or business trips. Also, when people have jobs, they’re earning money. As…

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Avoiding Bed Bug Bites This Spring

Now that spring is here there are a lot of things going on for most of us. Kids are getting ready to come home from college, summer vacations are being planned, and a weekend getaway is always popular this time of year, as well. Even in our own neighborhoods, more people seem to be getting out and about, whether it’s just going for walks in the park or shopping for a new summer wardrobe…

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