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West Nile Virus Spread From Mosquito Bites

PA Pest Control Pros On West Nile Virus

June 12, 2013

One of the more commonly talked about mosquito borne illnesses in the area is West Nile virus. Last year was a bad year with many people becoming infected with West Nile virus via mosquito bites. But this year, as mosquitoes are just starting to make their appearance across Pennsylvania, the team at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor wanted to share some advice on ways to reduce the threat of mosquitoes and thus the chances of becoming infected with West ...

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Carpenter Ant In Souderton Home

Carpenter Ants: A Wood-Destroying Pest In Pennsylvania

May 10, 2013

As the spring unfolds, there is a lot of talk about ants becoming active once again. But did you know that aside from those tiny nuisance ants that are trying to steal crumbs from the kitchen there is also wood destroying ants that could be nesting on your property? Carpenter ants in Pennsylvania are becoming more active this spring, which means it is time to be alert and keep your eye out for these large black ants that could be foraging thro...

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Mouse Entering Pennsylvania Home

How Did Rodents Get Inside My Home?

February 24, 2013

While you might be quite familiar with the sound of rodents running through your walls at night, this sound may leave many Pennsylvania homeowners to wonder how they got in. Mice and rats are great at finding ways to gain entry into homes and not only are they sneaky but their presence could put your family and property at risk. The PA pest control pros at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor would like to share some information on how rodents get inside of...

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Stink Bug In Allentown, PA

Where Stink Bugs In PA Spend The Winter

February 8, 2013

The spring will be here before we know it and if you are already beginning to notice stink bugs becoming active in your Pennsylvania home then you are not alone. But if they are considered more of a fall pest then how did they survive this whole winter? And where were they hiding? Truth be told, overwintering is very normal stink bug behavior. Like many other pests, stink bugs are most active in the fall (when they are looking for a ...

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