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Winter Weather Means Changes In Pest Pressures

December 23, 2016

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Life in the West Chester area in the wintertime can be a little funky. If you live here, you probably don’t bother to put away all your fall clothes in favor of parkas and snow pants. Our climate can shift quickly from a wintry 22 degrees to a balmy 60 degrees in just a few hours. It is easy to have a snowball fight one day and head off in just a light jacket to school the next. Much in the same way, it is quite possible to not see any bugs outside on January 4th but there they are on January 5th. In West Chester, you never really get a break from the vigilance it takes to make sure your home is a pest free zone.

The warm days in the winter in West Chester can trick pests into thinking that spring has finally arrived. They find their way out of where they were hiding - perhaps under tree bark, in the siding of a home, or in the attic - and head toward the warm sunlight. Then, by nightfall, it has cooled off and insects like ladybugs and stink bugs now need to get back under cover. If they were already in your house, you might have a picture window in your living room with several of them confused at the sudden change in temperature which means that there are probably hundreds more hidden in the walls already. If mice or other pests of the furrier persuasion were outside, they might just have found their way inside in the confusion over the weather. This leads to a whole host of problems as they work to make themselves at home.

No one wants to be a host for any of the types of pests who want to make your home theirs until the real spring calls them back to nature. We set out the welcome mat in many ways simply by living our lives. Pests are attracted to your house by 3 things. The food, water, and warmth offered are like a neon open sign on your front door. It is best to not invite them to stay in the first place.

Moyer Pest Control can help with that. Our year-round protection plan can help discourage pests from coming in, as well as take care of the ones that have already set up housekeeping. With our first inspection, we can show you where your problem areas are and work with you to make your home less hospitable to pests. You can count of Moyer’s Home Guard Protection plans to give you just the service you need at a price you can afford. Give us a call today to discuss the details.

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