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Why Yellow Jackets Invade Souderton Properties During The Late Summer

August 14, 2019

a yellow jacket crawling along a large nest planton on the outer edge of a souderton pennsylvania home

With summer nearing its end, you may think the days of annoying and dangerous insects are behind you. Unfortunately, late summer and early fall are often the times of the year when we see an increase in insect activity. If you've noticed an uptick in insect activity, you may be wondering why yellow jackets invade Souderton properties during the late summer.


Seasonality for Yellow Jackets

The only yellow jacket to survive the winter is the queen. When spring arrives, she sets out to build her nest and lay eggs. Once the eggs hatch and mature, the new yellow jackets help her grow the colony. They continue to make the nest and become responsible for getting food for the queen.

All summer long, the worker yellow jackets supply the needs of the queen and the newly hatched eggs. By the end of the summer, the work done for the queen is finished, and the yellow jacket workers can meet their own needs for the first time. Summers' end is also the time of year when the newly matured queens mate with matured males, then find a place to overwinter to start the cycle over again the following spring.


Factors That Attract Yellow Jackets to Your Souderton Property

As you can see, late summer is a busy time of year for yellow jackets. The workers are now ready to fend for themselves for a little while before dying off. They're looking for food and water, and these two things are often in abundant supply in the yards of Souderton homes. Factors that attract yellow jackets include:


  • Pools. If you have a pool, it is a giant water source for a yellow jacket.
  • Food. If you’re having a picnic or barbecue, yellow jackets will be interested in the food that you have outside.
  • Sweet drinks. Leaving an open container outside is an invitation for yellow jackets to help themselves.
  • Open garbage bins. Yellow jackets will be happy to eat whatever they can find in your outdoor garbage.
  • Brightly colored flowers. These are often the first thing we think of when it comes to attracting stinging insects and for good reason.


To prevent yellow jackets from invading, you’ll want to eliminate as many of the factors mentioned above as possible. Keeping food and drinks covered or bringing them inside and putting tightly fitting lids on garbage cans are good places to start.

However, some factors can’t be helped. You probably don’t want to remove your swimming pool or get rid of your gardens simply to eliminate some late summer yellow jackets. Instead, call Moyer Pest Control. We can help get your yellow jacket problem under control.

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