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Why Rodent Control Is So Important For Souderton Businesses

May 7, 2021


Rodents might be the worst pests a business can have. These critters cause just about every problem a pest can, from spreading disease to destroying property. But what makes rodents especially bad news for businesses isn’t the damage they can do to your building; it’s the damage they’ll inflict on your reputation. Rodent control for Souderton businesses is essential for maintaining the status you’ve earned and keeping the customers who trust you.

About Rodents And Businesses

Rodents like rats, mice, and squirrels are a common but serious problem that many businesses face. Rodents often thrive in manmade environments where they can hide from predators and feed on a reliable source of food. Warehouses and large industrial spaces often suffer from rodent infestations, but rodents are particularly bad for restaurants.

Restaurants have a constant supply of food for rodents to feast on, whether it's in dry storage or in the garbage dumpster. And unlike industrial spaces, when rodents infest a restaurant, customers are often quick to notice. 

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Problems Rodents Cause For Businesses 

Rodents present a number of problems that make doing business difficult. For starters, rodents have a strong instinct to chew up whatever they can get their teeth on. This not only results in damage to things like wooden siding and plastic barrels but also to electrical equipment. Rodents are known culprits of fires and electrical outages as a result of gnawing through wiring. 

Perhaps even worse, rodents are known to spread disease and contaminate food. Droppings left by rodents contain E.coli and salmonella bacteria, which are often spread by the rodents as they travel in search of food. In the course of their scavenging, rodents often pick up nasty parasites like fleas and ticks, which can transmit their own diseases in turn. Not to mention, rodents frequent unsanitary areas like garbage dumpsters, bathrooms, and sewers where pathogens abound. 

But the reason rodents are so dangerous for businesses in Souderton is because of the threat they pose to your good reputation. All it takes is one customer spotting a mouse scurrying along the floor to shut your business down. The health and safety risks that rodents present are well-known, and complaints about rodents infesting your place of business can result in fines, loss of revenue, or even permanent closure in severe cases. 

How To Prevent Rodents

Rodents usually find their way into businesses through cracks and holes around the foundation, siding, or doorways. However, sometimes rodents are accidentally let in through doors and windows left open for ventilation or delivery purposes. Keeping this in mind, there are a few ways you can help to prevent rodents from infesting your business: 

  • Keep doors closed. Whether on break or ventilating a hot kitchen, don’t leave doors to your business open. Rodents can scurry inside completely unnoticed.

  • Keep trash far away. Ensure that all garbage is disposed of as far away from your business as possible. Try to use metal receptacles with tight-sealing lids.

  • Clean thoroughly. Perform regular cleaning of your facility to eliminate food waste and spills that attract rodents. Sweep, mop, and vacuum as necessary.

  • Reduce moisture. Fix any leaking pipes or fixtures and eliminate any sources of standing water where rodents can get a drink. Like any pest, rodents need water as much as they need food.

You can take steps on your own to prevent rodents, but the best way to protect your business from rodents is with professional support from Moyer Pest Control. When you choose our commercial pest services for your rodent problem, you can trust that the problem will be eliminated quickly and discreetly. We’ll customize our services to meet your needs so that you can get back to business. Get in touch with us today.

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