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Why Professional Mosquito Treatment In New Castle Is Beneficial

August 28, 2019

a mosquito resting on a moist leaf in a  new castle pennsylvania yard

When you think of summer and the worst thing about it, you probably think of mosquitoes. Beautiful summer evenings in your New Castle backyard can be ruined by these buzzing, biting pests. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are pests that are difficult to completely prevent. Professional mosquito treatment is one of the most effective ways to reduce mosquitoes on your property. While you’ll never fully get rid of them, having fewer biting pests in your yard is a surefire way to ensure your enjoyment of the last lazy days of summer.


Why are mosquitoes so difficult to get rid of?

You can swat, splat, spray, plant smelly grasses and flowers, get a bug zapper and more, and still be stuck dealing with mosquitoes. Any pest that flies is tough to get rid of because, as soon as you kill them, the ones from your neighbor’s yard can zip on over. Additionally, mosquitoes can breed in water as shallow as that in a bottle cap, so eliminating their breeding habitats is quite difficult. 


What problems do mosquitos cause?

We all know that mosquitoes cause itchy bumps when they bite us. For some people, those bites can be extreme and cause swelling and large welts. Additionally, mosquitoes can spread diseases with their bites, including West Nile Virus. This virus can cause aches and pains, fever, and can be life-threatening for some people.


How does professional mosquito treatment work?

Professional mosquito treatment consists of monthly treatments to your property during mosquito season, which is from May to October. During these treatment visits, trained pest control technicians target areas where mosquitoes breed and rest. They have knowledge of the most common spots where mosquitoes live and target those areas. 


Why trust Moyer Pest Control to protect your New Castle home?

Our technicians will work with you to target the areas of your New Castle home where mosquitoes live and hideout. Killing the adult mosquitoes keeps them from reproducing, as well as from bothering you. We can also apply larvicide to water features on your property to kill mosquito eggs and larvae so they don’t mature into adult mosquitoes. If you want to be able to enjoy your New Castle yard throughout the remainder of the summer, contact us at Moyer Pest Control. We’re happy to get you started on our monthly mosquito control plan.

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