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Why Do I Have Ants?

July 11, 2016

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pavement ant crawling on grass

The focus of today's article is going to be on what attracts ants to your home and how to resist them. Before we get into that, it is important to understand that ants are going to come into your yard no matter what you do, and this isn't a bad thing. Ants are beneficial insects that will help to aerate your lawn. If you're not aware of what aeration is, it is a process that helps air circulate through a substance; in this case, that substance is the soil under your grass. This is important for a healthy green turf; but when ants get into the wrong places or you have the wrong ants in your yard, these insects can become a real problem.

Ant Attractants

Ants, as you probably already know, are continually looking for food. What you may not know is what ants consider to be food. They can eat a whole bunch of things. So, controlling ants begins here. Try these ideas to resist ants:

  • Keep your trash cans sealed. Trash is food for a wide variety of insects including ants.

  • If you like to barbecue outside, don't leave food out. The more you do this, the more ants you'll have in your yard.

  • If you have children it is important to make sure they're not leaving food or empty drink cups outside.

  • Many ants eat aphids. If you have plants in your yard, you are likely to find ants crawling in them. Consider keeping those plants away from your home if you want fewer ants near your exterior walls.

  • Ants will eat other insects, like spiders. If you have more spiders around your home, you could have more ants. You can reduce spiders by reducing the food they eat. Since spiders like flies, you can reduce spiders be replacing exterior white bulbs with fly-resistant yellow lighting and consider keeping your drapes closed at night. Flies are also drawn to open trash, so there is even more reason to keep your exterior trash cans sealed.

Ant Control

When you have the wrong kind of ants coming into your yard, like fire ants, or you want to keep them from crawling around on your walkways, control is necessary. Sadly, this is not something homeowners have a lot of success with. Controlling ants requires detailed knowledge of these insects and the methods and products used to control them. Attempting to control ants without proper knowledge can actually make the problem worse. When ants feel that their nest is threatened, they will often split their colony out of self-defense.

If you're fighting ants in Pennsylvania, we can help. Our certified specialists have a complete knowledge of carpenter ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, as well as other ant species that can encroach upon your home. When you want that ant problem gone, the team here at Moyer Pest Control knows what to do. Call for immediate 24-hour service! And say goodbye to those ants.

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