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Why Call Moyer For Clover Mites In New Castle

June 26, 2019

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a cluster of clover mites crawling along a vibrant green leaf on a new castle property

Have you noticed small, red bugs crawling around your New Castle home? How about small red streaks and stains on the furniture? Sometimes these red marks are the only visible sign that you have a clover mite infestation, and because of their size, they can easily go unnoticed. However, the amount of these tiny red bugs that are in your home can quickly increase.


Clover mites are nuisance pests that invade in large numbers. They do not pose a threat to humans or pets. If you spot one of them, you'll notice they're no bigger than a tiny spec of dirt, and bright red. These small, red mites are mainly a hazard to personal items. Since they are so little, they are easily crushed, and a bright red pigment is left behind in the form of a stain. Clothing, carpet, furniture, curtains, and other household items are at risk of these red stains from clover mites.

As their name suggests, clover mites feed on clover. They will also feed on various types of grasses, trees, plants, and shrubs. They eat by sucking the sap out of a plant. These pests will typically enter New Castle homes after they have invaded your yard first. Clover mites will come across gaps and cracks along the exterior of your home as they search for food. They can enter through tiny openings considering they are no larger than the head of a pin. Once inside, you'll likely notice them near your house plants.  


Spring is a common time to notice clover mites inside a home. Clover mites will lay their eggs in the fall between walls or along the foundation of a home. They can invade throughout the summer, but spring and fall are usually the most prominent times. Make sure to keep an eye out for small, red bugs or red stains appearing in your home. If you notice either, the best solution is to contact a professional pest control service. DIY methods of controlling clover mites are usually ineffective. 

To eliminate clover mites from your New Castle home safely and effectively contact Moyer Pest Control for professional treatment. Our home pest control plans can keep clover mites out and prevent them from laying eggs in your home this fall. Using Integrative Pest Management (IPM) products, Moyer strives to administer the safest, most effective treatments possible. You can trust us to get the job done right without harming you, your family or your pets. We also strive to respond to calls fast. Reach out today to learn more! 

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