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Which Pests Enjoy Thanksgiving Most?

November 10, 2014

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When you think of Thanksgiving, what comes to mind? Do you think of family, gathered around the table, the sound of laughter, and kids running around? Or does your mind go straight to the succulent turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy? For me, it is the pie. I can eat just about any pie ever conceived. That is probably why I have to unbutton my pants and lay on the couch after every Thanksgiving dinner. But it's worth it. This is the one time of year I allow myself to put aside my common sense, and just live life with reckless abandon.

So, when it comes right down to it, Thanksgiving is a time when we humans congregate in a nice warm houses and eat tasty, sweet things together. Not surprisingly, this is something pests like to do too. They love your nice warm home. There is no place they would rather be, around the holidays. Those rodents prefer your toasty attic, over a cold, damp hole. Cockroaches would much rather climb under the siding of your house and squeeze into your cozy wall voids, than live under a half frozen piece of tree bark. Though many insects can produce a sort of "antifreeze" to protect them from the cold, and tough out the winter, they would prefer a place where they can be warm.

In winter, when food resources are scarce, insects go into a low energy state called diapause. This allows them to go long periods of time without eating, because they are essentially eating themselves. But, as you can imagine, they don't prefer to do this. If they get into your home, and find a food source, they will be happy to stay active all winter long. That is why it is so important to keep food sources sealed, especially in winter. Here are some of the ways you can do that.

  1. Put cabinet food in hard plastic containers. This will keep rodents and insects from smelling your food, and also keep them from getting into it.

  2. Put pantry items on metal runged shelving. Not only will this allow you to keep things dry and ventilated, it will make pests feel uncomfortable. They would much prefer solid wood shelves, with lots of dust and food particles on it.

  3. Keep your trash sealed at all times.

  4. Keep fruit in the fridge, until you're ready to eat it. And, when you're done eating it, put that banana peel or apple core in a plastic bag "before" you throw it in the trash. This added protection will keep bugs from squeezing into your trash to lay eggs in those half rotted fruit carcasses.

  5. Vacuum crumbs off the rug on a regular basis.

  6. Clean spills up, immediately.

  7. Leave pet food out only during meal time.

  8. Don't leave stacks of dishes near the sink. Put them in soapy water.

  9. Deep clean around, and under , the fridge and stove. These are notorious collection areas for rotting grime and sticky spills.

If bugs and rodents are finding a way into your house, you can reduce their activity and give them less incentive to crawl into your living spaces, by not leaving food out. But to fully seal your home from bugs and rodents this Thanksgiving, you'll need to implement some outside exclusion methods and get a professional to spray your exterior walls and roofline. Let those bugs go find another warm food filled house to spend their winter in--or better yet--stay in nature, where they belong. It's time to pull in the welcome mat, and hide all the food. Your Thanksgiving will be much better without those pests crawling around.

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