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When Bed Bugs Become A Problem For Souderton Homes

May 2, 2022


Bed bug control is necessary if you don’t want this small biting pest to become a major problem in your Souderton home. Understanding how to get rid of bed bugs depends on preventative tactics and enlisting the help of professional pest control in Souderton.

Early Signs Of Bed Bugs

Part of proper bed bug control is learning the early signs of bed bugs in your home. Knowing these signs can help you put a stop to an infestation before it becomes out of control.

  • Reddish staining on sheets, mattresses, furniture, or walls
  • A musty odor, especially in sleeping quarters or around furniture
  • Bed bug bodies in the cracks of walls, on beds, or along furniture seams
  • Itchy red bumps, often in a zig-zag pattern, found on inhabitants of your home
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Bed Bugs Are Not Just Found In Homes

Learning the answer to ‘where do bed bugs come from’ is essential if you want to know when to keep your guard up. In general, bed bugs can be found in any place that people pass through thanks to their habit of hitchhiking from one host to the other. Some bed bug hotspots that you should be extra cautious in include:

  • Hotels and motels
  • Train stations
  • Airports
  • Public transportation
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Office buildings

Bed Bug Treatment Plan

When you reach out to local pest control to kill bed bugs, you’ll be given a treatment plan that works to verify the presence of bed bugs and safely eliminate them. The specialists at Moyer Pest Control will provide you with a free inspection for this pest before putting into place initial treatment products. After this first round of bed bug control, follow-up treatments will be given to ensure that any bed bug problem is fully taken care of.

Pest control to kill bed bugs is much more effective than any other elimination technique, so be sure that you reach out to Moyer Pest Control at the first signs of this pest.

Bed Bug Prevention

One of the best bed bug control techniques for your home is to engage in proactive prevention. The below tips can help you ensure bed bugs are deterred from invading.

  • When traveling, always elevate your luggage and consider vacuum-sealing your clothing to ensure that this pest stays out. As you return home, wash all clothing in hot water to kill any potential hitchhikers.
  • Check areas for bed bugs by using a flashlight or gloved hand to inspect cracks in walls, the corners of mattresses, bed sheets, and the seams of furniture. If you find signs of staining or unearth bed bug bodies and bed bug eggs, you should not stay in that area or use those items.
  • When purchasing second-hand appliances and furniture, leave it outside on a white sheet overnight. In the morning, check to see if the sheet has staining or signs of bed bug bodies. If it does, don’t use the item or bring it into your home.
  • You can also check second-hand items with a flashlight and gloved hands to determine if bed bugs are hiding the cracks or seams of anything.

And remember, if you are experiencing an active infestation of this pest, you should be reaching out to the experts at Moyer Pest Control. The professionals will be able to determine the severity of your problem and provide you with targeted solutions that fully eliminate bed bugs, so you can rest easy.

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