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What West Chester Homeowner's Ought To Know About Stink Bugs

March 20, 2020


Most West Chester residents know what a stink bug is by now. While it's only been about twenty years since the first documented brown marmorated stink bug was found in the United States, it was found right here in Pennsylvania, just north of us, in Allentown. You could say that Pennsylvania is the epicenter of these frustrating pests. But, as pests go, it is better to have stink bugs than many of the other pests that families deal with around the country. If you were to move to Arizona, for instance, you'd have to deal with the most venomous scorpion in America, the bark scorpion—not to mention a few highly venomous snakes. Even in Pennsylvania, we have pests that are far worse than the stink bug. You can have a black widow spider find its way into your home, or find out that thousands of brown recluse spiders are living in your wall voids. But it still stinks to have stink bugs invade. Let's take a look at why.

What's The Big Stink About Stink Bugs?

If you have a few stink bugs getting into your home each year, you might not think much about them. An individual stink bug won't come into your home and start spraying stink around. It is only when a stink bug is disturbed or handled (or crushed) that a scent is released. The problem is that a few stink bugs one year can turn into dozens of stink bugs the next. When you have lots of stink bugs in your home, you'll have lots of opportunities for unpleasant smells to occur.

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Not Just Smells

It is certainly bad to have stinky insects in your home, but the smell stink bugs make might not be what you'll hate most about them. They are rude houseguests. Stink bugs have a tendency to dive-bomb and hit people in the head or face as they pass through a room. And even if they miss, it is hard to not be annoyed by a big, brown insect buzzing by your head.

Television Is Not Better With Stink Bugs

Do you enjoy watching television programs in the evening? Stink bugs can make your viewing experience less than ideal. They're attracted to light and will land on your television screen. It might be funny at first, to think that one of your favorite actors, or actresses, has developed a shield-shaped, brown mole on their face, but that'll get old fast.

The Danger Stink Bug Present

When folks ask us about stink bugs, they really only have two questions. The first is: "Are stink bugs dangerous?" The answer is no. They don't bite or sting, and they aren't known to spread diseases. You have nothing to fear from a stink bug.

Stink Bug Control

The second question we're usually asked is, "How do you control stink bugs?" There are two parts to this answer. There are things you can do, and there are things we can do for you. What you can do is seal potential entry points that stink bugs (and many other pests) use to get into your home. This requires a detailed inspection of your exterior and the use of a caulking gun, foundation repair kit, and possibly some expanding foam. Once this is done, or even before it is done, the service team at Moyer Pest Control can give your exterior the extra protection it needs by applying routine treatments of EPA approved products around your home. These treatments are best done by a licensed professional because it is important to select the right products and to administer them in a way that will effectively work to keep pests out of your home without making you sick.

West Chester Pest Control  

Having pest problems stink, even if they aren't stink bugs. At Moyer, we offer comprehensive, effective, and competitively priced pest control you can trust. Get control of stink bugs and all those other household pests today. It is easy to get started. Once you do, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

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