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What To Do If You Have Bed Bugs

April 14, 2015

Bed Bug

There are some subjects that, when brought up for discussion, cause very negative and adverse reactions. Clearly, the subject of bed bugs falls into that category. Even though they are not known to be a transmitter of diseases, bed bug bites leave itchy red welts and bumps on one’s skin.

The question often comes up of what an individual should do in the event of an infestation of bed bugs. As negative and disgusting as the thought of a bed bug infestation is, there is no reason for panic. Don’t build a bon fire and burn your mattresses and furniture! The conditions are not that bad and the remedy is easily within grasp. It is as simple as a call to Moyer's pest control division.

While they are increasingly on the rise and have rapidly become a major pest control problem throughout Pennsylvania, coping with the issue of bed bugs begins with developing a better knowledge of this nuisance. People are often embarrassed for anyone to find out that their home is infested with bed bugs. They feel as if it is a sign of their negligence and filthy conditions of the home. In reality, bed bugs did not infest your home because of filthy, unsanitary conditions. That is actually not even an environment for which bed bugs seek. This hitchhiking bug moves from place to place by catching a ride in luggage carried in and out of hotels, someone’s clothing or furniture brought into the home.

The bed bug is a quite resilient and hardy creature capable of withstanding extreme conditions. They can survive an incredible range of temperatures from almost freezing to more than 110 degrees. Bed bugs have also been known to live for a year or more without a warm body from which to eat. Even though exposure to bed bugs offers no known threat of disease or sickness, their presence cannot be ignored. One single bed bug being transported into your home can quickly develop into a major population explosion.

Rather than panicking and reacting in fear, call Moyer Indoor | Outdoor for a quick solution to this annoying problem of bed bug infestation. The options offered by Moyer are many and range from K-9 inspections to successful bed bug heat treatments. To identify the most optimal choice of treatment, the professional pest control specialist will thoroughly inspect and target location of bed bugs, confirm a positive infestation and discuss any previous treatments and whether they were successful or not. The specialist will then develop a plan for extermination based on his evaluation of problems and conditions. What should you do if you have bed bugs? Call Moyer Indoor | Outdoor!

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