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What Happens To Ticks During The Winter In Souderton?

November 10, 2021


Some pests are only dangerous in groups. Others are bad on their own. Still, others can be dangerous in almost any capacity.

This latter category includes some of the most dangerous pests on Earth, including ticks. The tick is a species of arachnid that is best defined by having eight legs, oval-shaped bodies, and dark color patterns. Due to their need to consume and digest warm blood, these creatures can spread a host of diseases from place to place. Even young ticks, sometimes known as seed ticks, have the potential to wreak havoc on people and pets.

Even now, in the colder winter months, tick species have a genuine presence here in Souderton. Here’s how to keep an eye out for fully grown and developing seed ticks during the cold season. 

How Ticks Can Survive The Winter Months

Although many homeowners believe that ticks die off during the winter, the fact is that these pests can survive even the harshest deep freeze. Ticks prefer one of two options: dormancy or latching to a host. You may contact a tick while outside, near a wild animal, or from someone else who is fighting a tick infestation. Some tick species, including the brown dog tick, have been known to infest homes on occasion.

Because ticks are still active during the winter months, it’s imperative to use all possible prevention steps to keep your family safe. 

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The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Ticks Around The Property

Ticks can be difficult to find and eradicate during the winter months, especially for less seasoned homeowners. For this reason, it’s best to follow each of these helpful prevention tips:

  • Rake up, bag, or otherwise burn any leaf litter or yard debris left outside. Fewer places to hide will lead to fewer ticks in the future.
  • Keep your lawn mowed and trimmed if need be, especially if there is an unseasonably warm winter ahead.
  • Ticks found on your body should be promptly removed to prevent disease, including the head. An embedded tick head could lead to more disease or additional chronic problems. Store both the tick (and its embedded tick head) in a jar of rubbing alcohol in case of future problems.

If you suspect that a tick has bitten you, please seek medical attention immediately. When you’re ready to put a stop to marauding populations, get in touch with Moyer Pest Control right away.

The Tick Control Experience From Moyer Pest Control

To protect your home from the devastating effects of tick disease, consider partnering with the pest-fighting experts at Moyer Pest Control. For over 150 years, our tick control protocols have followed a similar format: 

  • We start by assessing the entire property for tick nesting sites or hot spots.
  • Treatment sessions are designed to meet your family’s needs and offer a wide range of types and accessories.
  • Our techs return to your property for a final pest-free investigation. 

Got ticks? Moyer Pest Control has pest control solutions. Visit us online for more advice or assistance, or get in touch with one of our techs by submitting an online contact form. 

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