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What Happens To Spiders In New Castle In The Winter?

November 25, 2020


Pests in New Castle operate on their own schedule. Some are very active during the spring or summer. That’s when they do the most living, breeding, and eating. Others surface over the fall and winter. Peak seasons have a lot to do with what environmental conditions are best for the critter to survive. Lots of insects and creatures stay busy, no matter what time of year it is. In any event, it’s wise for New Castle.

Even if it is the “off-season” for a bug or animal, you have to keep them in mind. Pests can find your property a great place to nestle until it’s time for them to break out again. This is the case with local spiders. Learn now what spiders do in winter, so you won’t be surprised by them. Also, get the scoop on how Moyer Pest Control can assist you.

a wolf spider crawling on a balcony railing

Common New Castle Spiders in Winter

It’s logical to assume that pests enter homes during the winter because of frigid temperatures. This is true for many creepy, crawling things. However, spiders deviate from that pattern. These arachnids have an internal anti-freezing system that allows them to withstand the cold. They don’t need to come into your home or business for warmth. If they intrude, it’s because they’re short on food or see an opportunity to feed. 
Typically, spiders consume other bugs. Examples include grasshoppers, flies, and ants. Noticing an influx of these creatures sometimes suggests an overall pest problem. Also, it is likely that they’ve been lying dormant in floor corners and structural voids while growing and procreating. 
Wolf spiders are particularly rampant in the area. Their bodies are over an inch long and have yellow markings. Color-wise, they’re black, brown, or gray. Good and hairy, they are often confused for brown recluses and tarantulas. The difference is their stocky frame and shorter legs. Properties near moist, sandy, grassy, or wooded locations will have to contend with these bugs the most. Gardens and messy lawns draw them in. They’ll tear up a yard digging burrows, versus making webs. Here are some additional things to know about wolf spiders:

  • They gather near windows, doors, basements, garages, and greenery

  • Seeing a single one denotes an infestation 

  • Their bites hurt but aren’t medically dangerous

  • They run very fast

Preventing New Castle Spiders

You need to remove the incentive for spiders to slip into your home or business. You’ll need to reduce the possible sources of food, entry, and comfortable hiding places: 

  • Cut down on clutter

  • Frequently trim your greenery and grass

  • Sit loose wood and plants a few feet away from the property

  • Put trash and food in containers with tight lids 

  • Have leaks and plumbing problems repaired

  • Close gaps near foundations, doors, and windows

  • Replace defective window screens and door sweeps

  • Sweep webs you see

Call Moyer Pest Control if you have bugs that spiders eat

Moyer Pest Control Spider Extermination

It can be challenging to entirely eliminate spiders and their prey. It’s easy for them to get indoors and stay concealed. When they’re capable of reproducing at a rapid speed, it makes it even harder to get rid of them. The good news is that Moyer Pest Control has the resources to overpower all of that.

Our solutions are wide-ranging, specialized, and registered by the Environmental Protection Agency. From interior water quality to exterior lawn care, we’ve got you covered. Our licensed Moyer Service Professionals™ will quickly find spider nests and apply effective treatment. Don’t wait! Call us today!

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