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West Chester Property Owners' Guide To Wolf Spiders

March 18, 2021


Here in West Chester, we’re no strangers to urban spiders. We’ve got American house spiders and writing spiders practically running out our ears. While you probably see these spiders all over your West Chester property on a pretty regular basis, another common spider in our area that you might not see as often is the wolf spider.

A Little About The Wolf Spider

Wolf spiders are pretty scary looking considering they pose little danger to people or pets. Their venom simply isn’t potent enough to do much more than sting at the site of the bite. They’re usually a ½ to 1.5 inches in diameter, including their body and their long, thick, hairy legs. They have eight eyes arranged in three rows, with a pair of two huge eyes in the middle of their face. They’re normally tannish brown or dark gray (like wolves).

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These spiders aren’t usually very easy to spot because they’re master hiders and they prefer to stay outside rather than inside your home. This is mostly due to the fact that they actively stalk or ambush their prey rather than building webs and waiting for prey to come to them. Wolf spiders are athletic hunters with eagle eyes and an ability to run fast and jump long distances. They’re also strong enough to wrestle prey larger than themselves until they subdue it.

Unlike many spiders in our area, wolf spiders don’t spin webs. The only thing they really do with their silk is to carry their eggs by using it to attach their egg sac to their bodies. When the eggs hatch, the mother will carry the spiderlings on her back for a few weeks before they can fend for themselves. This behavioral trait is unique to the wolf spider.

What To Do About Wolf Spiders In Your Home

If you find a wolf spider in your home, most of the time you don’t need to do anything but put it back outside. Having a few of these guys on your property can help cut down on other, more harmful pests. Wolf spiders don’t have any reason to infest your home on their own, since you don’t really have anything they can’t get elsewhere (like food and shelter). However, if you start seeing wolf spiders on a regular basis, it could be indicative of a different problem: another infestation.
Wolf spiders hunt plenty of common household pests, including crickets, roaches, beetles, other spiders, and tiny vertebrates like small geckos and even newborn mice! So an excessive number of wolf spiders in your house means you’ve probably got an excessive number of one of their prey items attracting them from outside.

Prevention Tips

Even though wolf spiders are harmless, nobody wants to find one hiding in their shoes or underneath their bedsheets! If you want to keep wolf spiders out, the best way to do it is to keep their prey out. Here are a few tips for preventing a variety of pests on the wolf spider menu:

  • Seal up access points to your house, like cracks, holes, and gaps in window or doorframes.

  • Keep garbage covered and food tightly sealed to prevent smells from attracting roaches and mice.

  • Clean clutter and vacuum often.

  • Repair window screens and install weather stripping around doors.

Unfortunately, if pests are hungry or cold, they’ll figure out how to get around your prevention measures. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. The good news is here at Moyer Pest Control, we’ve got your back. Our certified technicians are standing at the ready to help you get rid of your wolf spider problem and – more importantly – the infestation that’s attracting the spiders. If you’re ready to give both the spiders and their favorite menu items the boot, give us a call at (215) 660-3642 or visit our contact page to schedule your service today!

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