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Turkey, Stuffing, Cookies, And Pantry Pests

November 15, 2017


Can you believe that the holidays are almost upon us? Thanksgiving is just days away! How is that possible? Has it really been a whole year since your family gathered with thankful hearts to enjoy the turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie thoroughly enjoying those precious few moments with family and friends? Wow, time truly does fly! But, nonetheless, it is again time to prepare for that great feast. It is time to gather your children and grandchildren around the kitchen table and teach them far more than how to make apple pie, as you spend that precious time teaching life lessons – and the best part is they think they are just having fun and helping you make pie! Yes, in all the hustle and bustle, you still get the opportunity to instill values that will be passed on for generations, right in your own kitchen! What a joy! But, have you ever come to this moment and spent all that time measuring and stirring only to pull out the final cup of flour and find it is infested with bugs? What a killjoy!

Pantry pests are a real problem, especially this time of year. Oftentimes the ingredients you use for baking have been left undisturbed on your pantry shelf throughout the summer months as you enjoyed the great outdoors, and this has not gone unnoticed by the pests that want nothing more than to sneak into your bag of flour or dive into the bottom of that half-used bag of sugar to gorge themselves and lay their eggs. These pests don’t really mean to ruin your holiday, they are simply looking for a quiet place where they have easy access to food for themselves and their larvae. What better place to stow away than a nice, quiet tin of flour?

As you scrape everything into the trash and head out to the grocery store to purchase new items, stressing about how much time you have lost, consider what a great learning experience this is. You can teach your children and grandchildren how to avoid pantry pests in the future. Let them help you choose which packages to buy by inspecting each one to ensure there are no tears, rips, or openings that pantry pests could sneak into. Next, let them help you put these items into glass or plastic containers with tight sealing lids when you get home. They can also help you clean pantry shelves and put the canisters away.

Or, you can avoid this whole scene playing out in your kitchen this Thanksgiving by implementing a year-round pest protection plan from Moyer Pest Control. Our HomeGuard pest control plans are effective at controlling local pest populations in and around your home, including pantry pests; and HomeGuard comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee! Don’t allow pantry pests to ruin your holiday cooking schedule, and surely don’t allow a mouse to sample your turkey and pie as you bow your heads to give thanks for your food! Keep pests at bay with reliable, comprehensive HomeGuard service from Moyer Pest Control! You will be glad that you did.

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