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Stomping Out Souderton Stink Bugs

November 13, 2019


Some pests are nuisances, some pests are dangerous, and some pests just plain stink. The brown marmorated stink bug, also called a shield bug, is an insect species native to Eastern Asia. Measuring roughly 1.7 centimeters long and appearing in variations of brown, tan, and black, these pesky insects are aggravating surprises for homeowners and devastating visitors for agricultural operations all over Pennsylvania.

Problems Stink Bugs Cause 

Like many other insect pests during this time of year, stink bugs try to squirm inside homes to seek shelter from the winter weather. There are many problems that come with having stink bugs spending the holidays in your home. Brown marmorated stink bugs release a foul, odorous liquid when startled or crushed, mimicking strong cilantro or burnt tires. They have been known to contaminate produce through their accidental packaging and hearty feasting, ruining entire batches of products.

a stink bug climbing the interior wall of a home in souderton pennsylvania

The stink bug’s smelly spray will easily stain furniture, walls, and even clothing when they are allowed to form in large groups. If you are a gardener, expect to see extensive feeding damage on tender plant leaves, especially fruit trees.

Shield Yourself From The Stink

Keeping stink bugs out of your Souderton home might seem like an impossible effort, but some strong preventative measures are an excellent first step towards pest-proofing your home for winter. 

  • Make sure all doors and window screens are intact and tear-free. Check for windows that seal tight and doors that shut with no gaps underneath.

  • Cover or seal any openings in the housing structures you wish to protect (garage, basement, shed, etc). Keep doors closed when not in use, windows closed if not properly screened, and garage doors pulled down. Cracks, crevices, or other damage to the foundation of your home should be dealt with immediately.

  • Stink bugs are attracted to light. To keep bugs away from the home, try using specialized LED lights.

Stink bugs are tiny, crafty pests that can find their way around even the best preventative measures. If you are concerned that stink bug activity is present inside your home, reach out to a professional pest control company for a home inspection. 

Pests Indoor Or Outdoor? Moyer Has Your Back

With over 140 years of experience offering the best services, techniques, and team members to Souderton residents, the pest professionals here at Moyer Pest Control is equipped to keep your Souderton home pest-free, all winter long. Pest control can be a difficult maze to navigate, especially when it comes to nuisance insect infestations. If stink bugs have already invaded your home, contact the professionals at Moyer Pest Control. To learn more about how we can best serve you and get started with pest control for your home, contact Moyer today!

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